November 4, 2005

Anti-globalists...Sex tests in schools...RANTING

I am sitting here watching FoxNews and watching the whole violent attack on
Mar Del Plata, Argentina. It makes me sick. Ok, so I can agree with their movement in that underdeveloped countries will never out sell/trade with America. But, HELLO, how can we not keep free trade??!! Globalization is going to happen, we all know that. The problem I have with the anti-globalist is that they are so violent and destructive! It's horrible! I think that they HAD to know this would happen as soon as Bush and other leaders arrived in Argentina. Why do they make these summits so public?? Go somewhere private and have your meetings! I mean these world leaders ARE suppose to have the best security right? I am looking at a piece on schools
that sent questionnaires home for parents to approve so they could ask the students these same questions. BUT...after they were approved, and most of the
parents approved them, they added 15 more questions about sex. Asking "Do you want to have sex with Susie, or Johnny?" Things about if they felt "dirty"....etc.
That is just sick! I would be pulling my kid out and hiring a great lawyer!!
Schools in the western part of the US are still giving these "tests" and giving them to children as young as 5 yrs old. This is without parental consent! Ok, does anyone want to ask me again WHY I homeschool?? I think it's obvious!!
And if it's not, anyone who can't see why, probably shouldn't have children!

Ok, there's my 2 quick rants...I'm off to start my weekend!
Going out to eat tonight and hitting blockbuster. Renting a steam cleaner to clean the carpets tomorrow. OH, and I have 2 interviews tomorrow morning...wish me luck! :o)

~Have an awesome weekend~

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