November 12, 2005

My week...more food issues.

Ok, so it was a pretty boring week, but it went fast and it's the weekend, so Yippeeee!
Not much happened this week, nothing too interesting.
I broke two dates with the new guys I met. And I also wrote him an email telling him why I thought I wasn't interested. To which he replied by writing me a very nice, understanding email. Hmm, maybe he WILL get a chance!?! He has 4 kids and a mean ex wife. She even looks mean...I looked her up on yahoo personals because he said she had an ad on there. LOL I'm SOOOOO tempted to put the link...but I won't. I'll be nice. But, if there are any men out there who wants a woman with 5 kids (cause one isn't his), doesn't want to work, is on prozac, zoloft and other meds, will run you into debt beyond belief and sleeps me privately, I'll hook ya up.

I have another fast food/take out complaint...I'm sure you can't believe that, but it's true. Ok, I live in a very small town where for 8 years we have had either Dairy Queen, Subway or a couple pizza places to choose from..OH and I guess I should add that we do have our very own "Diner" which an out of town guest of mine referred to as "Fortville Hooters" Anyway... not too long ago we got a Chinese restaurant and for the first couple weeks there was a line out the door each night. Wow~something other than pizza!! Great!! I will admit, they do have very good food. However I find it a little unsettling that when you place your order, the guy takes your phone number and nothing else, when you walk in to get your food, they know exactly who you are...even if there are 3 other people walking in for their's very bizarre! OK...for my story...this past Wednesday evening Taylor and I were getting hungry (Tyler was in Muncie with my parents), and I did not feel like cooking (BIG shocker!!) so Taylor decided he wanted Subway and I wasn't in the mood, (besides the fact we went there on Sunday and the bread was horrible AND I spent $16 on just me and my two kids....geez!) So, I decide I'll order chinese, go to the ATM, take Taylor through Subway , pick up my food and go back home. As I was walking out the door I realized that I had ordered a pint of wonton soup and "crispy chicken" instead of the "sesame chicken". I do not know why, but I've made this mistake before...I love the sesame chicken and I'm not too fond of the crispy, I thought I would call them real quick and change my order. LOL Ya, well it sounds simple enough.... So one of the chinese girls answers and I am trying to explain to her that I just ordered but I wanted to change it. She doesn't understand so hands the phone to the guy who actually CAN speak english (at least enough to take orders and tell you how much it is)...I tell him that I just called a minute ago and ordered the wonton soup and crispy chicken and could I please cancel that and get the sesame chicken instead. This is his reply (and use your best chinese voice while saying this aloud to yourself)..."NO! I make food! Your food ready!" Hmm...ok, so I tell him again that I just want to switch the crispy to the sesame but keep the wonton. Again he says "No! I make food! Your food ready now!" He is seriously offended. So, I say "You mean I can't change my order and you're still going to make me pay for it" and he says "Yes, your food ready now!" I say "Ok, just cancel my order then!" He says "Your food ready!" I said "Never mind, I want to cancel it." He says "I add on sesame chicken?" I say "NO, please just cancel my order" He hangs up on me! I ate Dairy Queen.

OH...and here's a shout out to Arby's and the great food we got there this week!!!(not) On Thursday nights we are in a rush and usually don't have dinner until after church. So, we had a quick snack, went to church and decided we'd go to Arby's. There was some apprehension from me since it was already 8:05 when we left and I really wanted to get home to watch Will and Grace at 8:30...I knew it had to be a quick trip since Arby's is about 10 minutes away from us. So we go and I realize I'm almost out of gas...thankfully there is a gas station in the same parking lot so that was good. We order our food, the kids only wanted the motzerella (sp?) sticks and I didn't want to eat alot before bed so I got a kid's meal...we get home, I go up to my room, get comfortable and have only missed the first 5 minutes of W&G. I eat some fries, get out my tiny kidsize roast beef sandwich, open it up and it's half PINK! Yuck...I look at the bun, and there are blood stains. Gross! Well, for anyone who knows me, you know I value my food. lol I am ticked...I HAVE to call to complain which is going to take time away from my show and means I have to get up, go back downstairs and look a phone number up in a phone book (which I HATE to do!!) There is only one Arby's on Pendleton pike so I call it...I'm ticked, probably pretty snotty and as soon as they pick up I ask to talk to a manager. It was the wrong Arby's. I ask if they have the number to the other Arby's and they do. I get it and call. Ask to talk to a manager this point I'm no longer mad because I just had to be nice and apologize to the 1st manager I just yelled at. So, I ask if he's had any complaints about his roast beef tonight. He says yes and that there is a problem and the batch they just cooked did not get cooked to the proper temperature. GREAT!! He tells me I can come back in and he'll take care of it...NO WAY...CSI is on in about 10 minutes!!! There is NO way I'm missing that!! So, he takes my name and says he'll take care of me next time I come in. I'm thinking great, a free meal for me and the kids. OH NO, he says next time I come in just mention his name and tell them what happened and they will give me a free kids meal. Wow~don't go overboard there!! I'm thinking what if that was for Taylor and he ate it? He wouldn't have known any better.

Maybe these are all signs that I need to cook more? Naaaaa

OK...speaking of CSI...really liked the episode (even though it's 2 parter) but was SHOCKED to see Nick's new look!! (Nick is the HOT csi guy!!!) He grew a mustache and I do NOT like it at all!
Warrick even made a comment on it. Hilarious!!

Well, we are off to Walmart to say 'hi' to grandma and get pictures developed, pick up some groceries so I don't have to do it tomorrow and then PROBABLY, most LIKELY, go through a drive thru.

...will I ever learn?...