June 30, 2006

When A Church Becomes A Business

What do you think about a church starting a daycare and the daycare taking over the church? I'm having issues with this right now.

Our church started a daycare a few years ago and it seems to have taken over the children's classrooms/activites. To make a long story short, the church kids are being kicked out of the church classrooms because they are now daycare classrooms and I'm not real excited about it.

In my opinion, the church was a church first, and now it's turned into a business. You can call it a "ministry" all you want, but it's not... it's a business.

I think the straw that broke this camel's back was when they decided to turn the youth room into another daycare room and added 2 yr olds to their daycare program. They did this in January. This room was for the older youth. It was a place for them to hang out, play games, etc. Now it's used for the daycare.

I'm also getting irritated at hearing "No, you can't use that room, that's a daycare room!" or "No, you can't use that, that belongs to the daycare!". Was this a church first, or a daycare first?

Why do my boys have to take a backseat to their daycare business?

They had a great children's group when we first started there. They had classes each Thursday night, they had karate, there were always things going on for the kids. Now there's nothing. Or if there is, we haven't heard about them.

Now I will admit that we have been attending very sporadically the last few months so maybe we are not aware of new changes... I'm not sure and I do plan on speaking to my pastor before we make any big decisions.

My point is, I wonder what God thinks of His house of worship being used for a business? And I wonder what He thinks of his church's children being placed 2nd because of it? Makes me fearful for the church.

I just want to go to a normal church like I did when I was little! Where are they?
I don't need a church that's trying to be bigger and better. Just one who cares about the people who attend it. I don't need a big show every Sunday morning with a mini movie, a praise band, and free muffins... I just want to go to church.