March 1, 2007

Daily Reads

I'm in a blogging rut. Or should I say... I'm in a rut with the other blogs I read. I want to read other women's blogs that I have things in common with - like the whole mom thing, kids, daycare, Christianity, 30-something, organic eating, healthy living, funny, sarcastic - all the important things.

I love people who are totally sarcastic on their blog... they write things and you're tempted not to believe a word they're saying, but then a part of you is like "hmm, maybe they ARE just that crazy!"

I'm just bored with the whole blogworld in general. No offense.

Today was busy and this afternoon went by WAY too slow. My new girl started today and she was so cute. However she didn't say more than 3 words the whole 4.5 hours she was here. I hope she had fun and wants to come back.

It's raining here and I think everyone is in a little bit of a grouchy mood. My kids are driving me crazy. They're just bored which means the only thing they can find to do is pick on each other. I think I just ruptured a vocal cord a few minutes ago. If not, I KNOW I sprained it.

Dinner tonight is ribs and potato salad. YUM! I'm sure I'll eat way too much and regret it later. Isn't there something in the Bible about that? Is that sinning?

My dad loves this show where ex thieves rob peoples homes so that they can show them a video of it afterwards and the people can "learn some kind of lesson". It's absolutely retarded! The people get ticked. They KNOW that they're going to be "robbed" but then after it happens they get mad. Hello IDIOTS, you signed up for it and now you're mad?

Off to eat. Maybe that will put me in a better mood.