October 30, 2005

13.5 Hours Left

Of my 4 day weekend....whaaaaaa!

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I will have 5 kiddos here. It's always a little scary when you have new children starting, because you never know how well, or not well they will do. But, I'm happy for the new kids and the income they will bring. They seem like very well behaved kids, so hopefully things will go well. Plus, I know that it may be a little difficult due to their situation.

I was suppose to have another interview today and ended up calling and canceling. I felt bad and explained to the mom why I couldn't take him and that her hours would effect my daycare kids' normal naptime. She was very very nice and said she understood. Then asked if I may be able to take him every now and then during the day. I said I could. Then she mentioned that he usually stays with his grandparents and sometimes they just need time off and that they watch him at night too and she was trying to give them a break at that time. So, I mentioned that if they could bring him at a later time and not during nap, I could watch him the days she needed. She asked her mom and they thought that it would work. She was really super nice and I think she'd be a great mom to work for. She is suppose to come over tomorrow morning. I hope it works out.

Ok, so I thought that I would be a great mom and plan something fun for us to do today, so I planned to take the kids to see "Wallace and Gromit". We haven't been to the movies forever so I thought it would be fun. Well, I decided to keep it a secret and drive them crazy trying to guess where we were going. And it did drive them crazy. They were begging me and asking me for hints. I gave them some and they never even guessed going to the movies. So, we are almost there and I ask if they want to know, they say yes, so I tell them. I got a big sigh from them. They didn't want to go. BRATS!! lol Well, they did want to go, but they didn't want to see THAT movie. Well, neither did I really, but I would have sat through all 94 minutes of it for them. So... we didn't go. We ended up at WALMART...and the funny thing about that is that they were begging to go to Toys R Us earlier because "we never go anywhere but walmart". So, we ended up there. Tyler didn't even get anything, but Taylor used his $15 ($10 for tomorrow instead of trick or treating and $5 for cleaning up the back yard). He got a John Deere dump truck and 2 bags of farm animals. LOL Yes, farm animals...and for only 88 cents per bag. You can't beat that. The only problem is the cows are smaller than the pigs. I picked up milk for the daycare and a 4-pack of Starbucks frappuccino for me. I need something to comfort me tomorrow and since I don't drink (at least not yet-lol) I'll stick to my Starbucks. Then we ran through Burger King (this is in a different town from my incident last weekend), rented "Herbie Fully Loaded" and came home.

Ok, so see if you're smart...play this game I found a couple days ago.
Here is the link: http://www.gamesloth.com/games/crimsonroom.html
It took me two days, but I figured it out. And just a hint...it's all about pointing and clicking!! I'll just start you out with this one, then we'll move on to harder games. Like Dr. Stanley's House...ok, how high of and IQ do you have to have to figure these games out??

Well, I'm off to get this house cleaned up before tomorrow.

~have a great new week~