September 8, 2007

In One Month...

At this exact moment, I will be on a plane going to Florida . Hopefully I will not be freaking out and hopefully the trip will go well. I'm getting a little nervous as it gets closer. Not that I'm afraid the plane will crash, but more that I will just feel horrible the whole ride there. I have been having major sinus issues and I just read that plane rides are harder for people with sinus problems. So, I guess I could take something for that, but then I'm more concerned about taking something for my anxiety. Hmm, maybe the sinus meds will work as well as the anxiety meds? Most of the time when I take my sinus meds, I get that "don't care" feeling (which is why I don't take them often) so maybe I could kill two birds with one stone. Oh, but wait... now we have the whole "cramps" and "heavy bleeding" thing to think about.

Warning: TMI alert!!
Ahh, yes... once again my body decided that after 3 months straight of starting my period on a Monday, this month we'd change all that and wait to start on Thursday... closer to Saturday, the day we're leaving for vacation. This makes Saturday my bad/heavy day. What a fun way to fly! I knew it wouldn't work out for me. And let me tell you, I'm not ashamed to say this is something I have been praying about!! I believe God cares about the welfare of the people who have to put up with me on a 2 hour plane trip if I'm on my "heavy" day.

If I could have stayed on a Monday start day for just 2 more months, I would have been almost done by Saturday (the day we leave) and I would have had a period free vacation. (Every girls dream!) But OH NO... that couldn't happen, not to ME!!! So, now I'm back to Thursday and hey, maybe next month I can start a day later and be on it my WHOLE vacation, cause you know, that's the way I like to roll!!

Note to my uterus: Once I turn 40 (my cut off date) and there's no chance of me having any more kiddos, you are so OUTTA HERE!!!! Enjoy screwing with my life now, because you only have 5.5 years left to ruin every vacation and special event! Use your time wisely!! And don't laugh too loud my dear ovaries, you're getting yanked out too!! Thanks for giving me the two kids and everything, but somehow it just doesn't make up for all the times you've decided to work your magic on the days I have major plans!! What did I ever do to you?!?