September 4, 2007

A Foot Off

I have been wanting to get my hair cut for months now. I thought I'd do it this weekend when we went to Muncie, but I chickened out. So, I woke up yesterday morning and decided it was the day. And to make sure I had to go out and get it cut, I actually started cutting off the ends in various sections. (You know, because then I'd HAVE to do something or go around looking stupid.) So, I pulled it back in a pony tail and off I went. I decided to get about a foot off although it's still not too short to pull back. The lady who cut it kept asking, "Are you SURE you want to do this?" and saying "Oh honey, I'm not sure I can do this, you have such beautiful hair!"... I was like, "Just cut it already!!" and when she made that first cut I looked down and thought "What did I just do?!" but it turned out great and it's cute and it makes me look younger and it's very easy to do, so I'm glad I did it. I don't really have before and after pics, but you'll get the jist.

Before and after: