September 19, 2007

A Fall Fashion Accessory MUST!

What do you get for $156? Two beautiful dog collar "charms" and two freaked out dogs who may, no, who WILL pee all over the car if we should ever happen to accidentally drive by the vets office again. But it's not over yet... tomorrow they're both going to get groomed. Poor babies!

Fall fashion tip... Bells are IN!

OH... and don't get me started on tonight's Deal or No Deal... a TRUE Colts fan would NEVER have let all that go!!! Wow, could you tell who wears the pants in that marriage? Poor guy!


Carefree & Mad said...

That's exactly what I thought too. I was yelling at the the tv when he gave that up. He deserved to have the million in his case and not get it. Selfish you know what. Certianly not a big, true football or Indy Colts fan!! Loser....

Mom2TyNTay said...

I laughed when I saw that million in the case. Exactly what his little wifey wife deserved!!