September 10, 2007

Where To Begin...

This weekend was pretty much a blur... it started out nicely on Friday night with us TRYING to order a pizza from Papa Murphy's. When we finally DID get through, the person who answered told us to "please hold" and then the phone hung up. We tried calling for about 10 minutes and all we got was a busy signal so we gave up and decided to take out two pizzas from our freezer and make them. We don't really have any good pizza places in our small town, they're ok, but when you have so little to choose from you get tired of them quickly. We rented 'Georgia Rule' - not sure what to say about that. It was ok. I wouldn't recommend it for children. Then again, if I would have taken the time to look at the rating, I wouldn't have rented it. I thought for sure it was PG-13 but it was rated R. Jane Fonda was really good it though!

Then we get to Saturday when my mom headed out of town and ended up in a hospital 40 miles away with heart issues. That's a whole tiring story within itself so we'll just say that by 11:30 Saturday night we were ALL exhausted. I made two trips back and forth from there to my house. But the cool thing was that I was already nervous (who wouldn't be) and I had no idea how to get to the hospital after I got off the interstate and I didn't have time to look for directions so I just prayed that God would show me and I told God he'd have to take me there and I decided not to worry about it. I'm sure you can guess that I got there with no problem! My mom had 2 EKG's and blood work done twice. She got to leave around 11:00 that night. She did not want to stay and they couldn't make her. Well, she woke up today with the same problems, pain on her left side from her neck down to her arm and chest pain... I talked her into going to her doctor here and so she went. She is having a stress test tomorrow at 9:00am. The doctor said if everything comes back ok from that, they are going to start looking into stress as the reason why she's having all these problems. That's what I'm betting on. Anyway, whatever it is, we have to get her high blood pressure under control.

Sunday was pretty normal. We went to church and came home. We ordered Applebees car side to go and got it from an Applebees we've never ate at before and will never eat at again. It was horrible. I spent over $30 for me and two kids and it tasted terrible... very disappointing!

Today has been just a normal day... my daycare kids aren't acting the best, but that's how Mondays usually go. Maybe they'll be happier after nap?! Hope so!

We haven't gotten our homeschool curriculum yet and I'm running out of things to review!! I hope it comes soon!