September 15, 2007

Quick Updates

*My mom's tests all came back fine. PTL! Now we just need to move on to the next possibility of what it could be. At least we know now that her heart is in good shape.

*The lady from the company we got our curriculum from called and said we could send back what we didn't want and they'd only charge us for the stuff we want to keep. Thanks Christian Liberty Academy!! Today, you rock!

We just got back from Subway. I had a BLT, some chips and a chocolate chip cookie. I don't know WHY I'm being such a pig when in 3 weeks I'll be somewhere where I'll have to get into my swimsuit each day! Monday I start tanning again.

I'm "working" today. I'm watching one of my former daycare kiddos for about 4 hours tonight. After that we'll probably make the trip to Muncie and go to church there tomorrow. I've been thinking about going back to the church we use to go to. On our way to Subway, I heard their pastor on the radio. We may have to go back one of these Sundays. My friend Nicole is good at reminding me that we're welcome to come back. She's so sweet!


Old Fashioned Girl said...

How's your mum now?

Mom2TyNTay said...

Old Fashioned Girl - thanks for asking!! :) She's doing better. She had more tests this week so hopefully we're a couple steps closer to finding out what's going on.