September 14, 2007

So Glad It's Friday

This has been the longest week! My mom is still not feeling well. They should have her tests back today, so hopefully we'll get a phone call and know what's going on. The girl who was doing her MRIs told her she thought she was having mini strokes. I'm not sure that's the case, but if her doctor tells us one more time that she's his "mystery patient" I think I'm going to tell him that my mom will start paying him with her "mystery money".

I will only have 2 kiddos here today, so I'm thinking about taking a field trip to the library. This would kill two birds with one stone. The daycare kids need to get out and I need to take my own boys there to get some books for school. I'll call the parents in a little bit just to make sure it's ok and that they know we'll be out and about. It's also feeling like a Mc Donald's day. I'm just tired. I've worked pretty much the whole week myself and I've gotten up early every morning since Tuesday. I know, Whaaaa!! I'm just saying if you're not use to it, it's hard. Did I mention I'm glad it's Friday?!

We've done great this week with our schooling. The last two nights however, we've been sitting at the kitchen table well past 9:00. Yesterday I had all the daycare kids but one and it was a preschool day, so I just didn't have time to get the boys' schooling in. So, we do late night schooling on those kinds of days. And it works. Of course that makes for a VERY long day for me, but I'll deal.

Speaking of schooling, I am a little disappointed with the curriculum. And very disappointed with their customer service department. Half of the curriculum is worthless (not to mention from the 1980's) so I picked out what we could use, and wanted to send the rest back. Well, they said since we bought it as a set/group they won't take part of it back, it has to be all. I didn't understand their logic, because online it's all priced out seperately anyway. Oh well, live and learn.

Well, the timer just went off - our Monkey Bread is done. Time for breakfast!