October 28, 2005

Trying AGAIN....

Ok, so this is the 3rd time today that I have tried to post to this blog. The 2 prior are floating somewhere out in cyberspace. So...for the 3rd time, I will try to update anyone who reads this blog on what is going on with us.

I got another call for daycare kids and they are starting Monday. YAY! But...I'm having a hard time being too excited. The reason they need daycare is because the mom is too sick to care for them. The mom called on Monday, set up an interview for her husband and he came over Monday night. Things went well and he said he would call me. (She was too sick to come.) Well, Wednesday I got a call from him, mom had been admitted to the hospital and they needed daycare asap. So he stopped by and got all the forms and paid his enrollment fee and they will be coming Monday morning.
I guess the doctors can't figure out exactly what is wrong with the mom and she's had all kinds of tests. How very sad to not be able to take care of your own children. They are 2 yrs (boy) and 4 yrs (girl) and they are adorable! I feel so sorry for them. They have my heart already!! I'm sure they'll get a lot of extra attention here. I plan on visiting mom in the hospital next weekend if she's still there. I mean, wouldn't you want to meet the person who was caring for your children? I plan to take lots of pictures of her kids this week and have them do come crafts and coloring pages to give to her. And I'll probably take her some flowers or something. I just want to meet her and reassure her that I will take great care of her kids and her job is to just get better! It has to be breaking her heart to be laying in that hospital not being able to be with her kids and not knowing what's wrong with her. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

I got another call for a 3 yo little boy and they need care 2 days a week from 1:30pm-10:30pm. I'm not too sure about this one. Only because of the hours. If they drop off at 1:30 that is right in the middle of our naptime and I'm sure with them having to come in the front door right by the daycare room, it will wake everyone up. That will make for some very grouchy kiddos in the afternoons. Then, I'll have him until 10:30 and I've been going to bed around 10:00 so, I'm not sure it this one will work or not. I'm suppose to meet mom on Sunday , so I'll at least talk to her and see what we can work out. I told her my normal rate, but I think I may raise it because of the hours. I guess I could do it until Christmas for some extra cash.

I have had the last two days off and it's been great!!! I took the daycare kids to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday and got them each a little pumpkin to take home. It was fun, but I was worn out by the time we got home. I'm not used to having to get little ones ready and going out with them. It's exhausting!! My boys can get their own shoes on, get in the car themselves, get buckled up themselves....easy!!!

Well, I broke down and cancelled Taylor appointment with the allergist! There are many reasons why I decided not to go that route, but mainly, I just don't think sitting for 3 hours, having pins stuck in his back and then having it itch like crazy was going to be something my son was going to be too happy about. Plus, even if they did find out what he was allergic to exactly, what are they going to do but send us home with more prescriptions?? And he doesn't need any more prescriptions, he has enough sitting up in the cupboard! So, I think we are going to go back to the lady at the health store and see what she can do. She can do a muscle test and give him something natural to take care of it. He's not on breathing treatments, nor has he ever had one. It was his pediatrician that said he had asthma and that was just at a routine office visit, he wasn't actually having one. Plus, it's never been bad enough that we've had to rush him to the hospital or anything like that, so I'm not real worried about it. He just gets coughing and wheezes. The lady at the Health store said she thinks he has a build up of yeast in his system and she has something natural that he could take a tsp. of daily and it would get rid of it. I guess we'll see what happens. I can always call the allergist back and reschedule. I would just rather take a more natural route and see if that clears it up first. I don't want my kids to be prescription junkies...I'm so against un-needed meds it's not funny. If people would eat right, exercise, take their vitamins and live a healthier life, most meds would not be needed. But then, the poor doctors wouldn't be making all that money! Awww, what a shame!
And I'm not bashing the medical profession...but excuse me, when pharmaceutical companies hand out trips and things for the most prescribed medication to the doctors who are prescribing it, I think at that point it's more of a selling point thing that has them prescribe that medication.
I didn't need zoloft, but I was prescribed it because it was an easy fix. So, I went on it for 18 mos., had my head in a fog the whole time, didn't really care what happened, wanted to sleep all the time and gained 30 pound that I still can't get off (not that I've tried real hard). When all I really needed was to get out of the bad relationship I was in, have a little support from friends and family, and start eating better and get some exercise. I could go on, but I won't bore you!!

Besides, it's Friday night, I'm hungry and we're heading out to meet my mom for dinner.

~have a great weekend~