October 5, 2005

Happy Wednesday

I am so tired! My poor son, once again had me up at 4am with a major asthma attack. I can't wait until Oct. 27 when we finally go to the allergist. This is something that should have been done a couple years ago, but...how would my doctor have made more money if they would have sent me there in the first place to find out the exact cause. We wouldn't have been back so many times. I do not think peds should be able to prescribe any kind of allergy medication or any kind of asthma medication. A child with those issues should be sent directly to a specialist to find out the exact cause and what meds are needed or not needed. My child has been suffering for 2 years with "activity induced" asthma. Oh ya, did I tell you about all the "activity" that goes on around here at 4am. grrrrrr

So, tonight I will be studying -Handbells- and getting ready to start the first ever "New Life Christian Fellowship Children's Handbell Choir" practice tomorrow night. I'm nervous! I went and picked up the bells Monday night and got the sheet music/song books and background cds and tried to play around with them for a little bit, it's confusing. More so than I thought. It looks easy, there is background music and cards you hold up for different timing for each color/note but you have to get the timing down and get the kids to play at just the right time. This is the jist of it....I give each child a colored handbell, when I hold up that color/note, they ring. But, there is background music so they HAVE to follow along at just the right timing. I will be holding the cards and counting that timing. I just know on our first performance I will drop those cards or I will mess up the timing. Why did I agree to this?! lol Actually, I'm excited, I think it will be fun and I think that it will be something fun for the church. If we're good enough, we may do our first song in November. Ok, that is NOT next month right?!

I think I'm going to start a new thing on my blog...it's going to be "Website Wednesday"
I will pick a website or blog, share it and rate it, just for you...my faithful blog followers!!

Ok...here is today's:
This site will tell you EVERYTHING you want to know about Hot Dogs. Seriously, I'm not even joking. I was sitting here and said to myself "Water Lilly, (cause that's what I like to call myself sometimes) (if you're not a Golden Girls fan, you will not understand nor find humor in that statement) Anway, I said to myself "Water Lilly, what would my blogger fans want to know about?"...my first reaction was 'Cheese' and I did look that up first, but that website is not finished and I wanted a website chalked full of info...so I looked further down and low and behold, there was a site dedicated to Hot Dogs! So there you go...everything you have ever wanted to know about Hot Dogs is now yours at a click of the link above.
I know, I know...I make life so much easier on you!!! I'm just trying to do my job.

My rating on this site: I will give it a 'B'. Although I do like the information, I wish there were pictures. But, I have to say...the question that has probably been keeping most of you up late at night, is answered on here. You know the question...why do buns come in packages of 8 and hotdogs come in packages of 10. That's answered!!! I honestly thought there were 10 for people , like me, who have 2 puppies so that when you grilled your hot dogs, your puppies could have one too. Although I highly recommend NOT dropping them down to your puppies right off the grill!!! Talk about a HOT dog!!! hee hee! I am so the comic today! I think some of that wacky Joey Gladstone humor from Full House rubbed off on me as I was up watching it at 4am this morning!!!

Ok, well I have 15 minutes before my nappers are up and I need to grab something to eat.
And NO, it won't be a hot dog!

~See ya!~