October 15, 2005

Date Night

So I had my date with Kyle (the farmer) last night. It was a rushed thing because he already had plans with his friends. We just wanted to meet since we had spent the whole week talking on the phone and online. So we knew we didn't have a lot of time, but I think that almost made it easier because neither of us were committed to a long first date. We went up to a coffee shop called Jammin Java. We sat at a table outside. It was nice out, but a little chilly. They usually have live bands up there but because of the highschool football games, they've stopped doing it on Friday nights. I may take the kids up there tonight to hear whoever they have playing. It will give us something to do. Back to Kyle...well, I can't say that sparks flew and that I fell instantly in love...but he is nice and has manners. He opened his truck door for me both times I got in. I haven't had that done in a long time. I like that! Oh ya, the truck...BIG ford diesel. The boys heard him pull up and ran to the window. Taylor went crazy. (Taylor is obsessed with trucks, tractors, any kind of farm equipment , etc.) Of course that's the first thing they (the boys) wanted to know about when I got home..."What was the truck like"...and that followed with "Did you kiss?!" Well, the truck was cool...and NO we did not kiss! lol It's so fun dating when you have 8 and 11 yr old boys. :o)
So anyway...I like him and would probably go out with him again but like I said, it wasn't love at first sight. lol I guess we'll see what he thought if he calls me today!
Oh, did I mention I was home by 9:30...Darn! I missed Reba!