October 21, 2005

Why Do I Go Out?!?

OK, so my kids and I had to run out to Blockbuster to take a movie back...we decide on the way home that we would run through Burger King real quick, so we pull in and the big menu is a few feet from the speaker so we stop and I'm looking at the menu. All of a sudden this guy in a black truck pulls up behind me, honking for me to move up. So, I move up. I have my window down to order so I can hear him cussing me out. I mean this guy was ticked...cussing and being all loud and it wasn't like I was just sitting there and not moving, he came driving up honking. So I'm just sitting there and couldn't even read the menu at this point because I'm wondering if this guy is going to get out of his truck and come up to my window. He was going off at me!
And in this drive thru, there is a curb thing that runs all the way along the side of it, so there was no way for me to drive away. So the guy inside asks for my order and I'm still sitting there wondering what the heck is going on and I'm trying to ask my kids what they want and the guy in the truck is yelling *f* this and *f* that...so by now, I'm starting to get a little annoyed myself and I stick my head out my window and look back to which he screams out "what the *f* are you looking at!" Ok...At this point anyone who knows me knows that I probably would have gone off, refused to move any further and probably most likely would have called 911 on my cell. This guy was not just ticked, he was furious (for what, I still have NO idea). But, there was something about him that actually had me pretty scared so I told him to just back up and let me out. He looked at me, shook his head no and said "*f* you". Oh my gosh...now I was stuck in this drive thru with no way out, there was probably at least 2 other cars in front of me and I had no way to leave and get away from this psyco. So, I just calmly put my head out the window and said "if you move back and let me out, you can get in front of me and then it will be your turn." At this point I was ready to start crying, I just wanted out of the line. Well, he looked at me again and I thought for sure I was in for more cussing and thought he may even get out of his truck. (This guy was mad about something, I mean furiously mad) but when I asked, he seemed to almost have some compassion for a second, he didn't say anything , just threw his truck in reverse and let me out. He probably knew I was about ready to start bawling.
I swear, I'm not usually a baby in these situations. I've had a few other "public incidents" and I'm not one to back down. Mainly because I'm never the one who starts these things and that really ticks me off. I mean, I've never gotten into a physical fight or had the cops called or anything, but when people get nasty with me, I've been known to let them know what I think about it. Not that that's a good thing, but anyway...we ended up going to Arby's across the street. I'm sure the food was a little healthier (maybe). The kids were saying they hoped they gave him the wrong order. LOL I was just glad to be away from him. I was literally shaking by then. So, that's my exciting news for the weekend. Some days it doens't pay to leave the house!

~be careful in drive-thrus!~