October 21, 2005

When did it get so cold?!

Brrrrr I am freezing! The weather channel says it's 46/feels like 41...I say it's 41/feels like 32!! Plus it's raining, so it's that wet cold, which feels even colder! I decided to break down and turn the heat on. Of course now I'm breathing in all the nasty dust from not using the furnace for almost 6 months. Guess I should get that cleaned out sometime huh. Hmm, I guess having a husband would be good for some things. lol

We have no plans this weekend, at least not any big exciting plans. Just church on Sunday and some shopping. Tomorrow I need to take the kids to Good Will to find some old flannel shirts and whatever else we can find to add to their Halloween costumes. They have their masks and now need to find the rest. Then I need to go to the bank and take out a loan to get all the candy we will need for trick or treaters. We always have tons! Of course we live in a huge kid-friendly subdivision and because of that, I think everyone in our town comes here to trick or treat! I just hope it's not too cold! The last few years we've been lucky, but we all know with Indiana weather, that can change at any time!