February 7, 2006

Febreze Noticeables

Ok, so I had a nice little picture with the Febreze logo to go along with my post, but for some reason it won't upload...so, you don't get a pretty picture, but you do get me sharing my experience with the new Febreze Noticeables...are you excited? I bet! I signed up to get a free one, with the promise of blogging about it...so , here I am keeping my promise.
Well, lets start with price...I don't know how much they are, because like I just said, I got mine FREE. But I'm sure you could find out easily by just clicking on an online store and checking it out. I can't imagine it's too costly. Ok, now for the product quality...well, I was very surprised when I opened my package, it was heavy and the refills of "scents" are actually in glass. So good workmanship there. I'm always impressed when things are glass and not plastic. So after taking it out, I realized they had sent 2 refills, wow, that was nice!! I chose the scents "morning walk" and "cleansing rain", they're ok. Oh and the plug in changes back and forth between scents and you can adjust it to "high" or "low" depending on how many times you want it to switch back and forth and to what degree you want the scent.
The next refill I have to use is "calypso breeze" and "hawaiian paradise" and that smells yummy!! Although I'm not really into "rain" or "hawaiian" scents, they are both really nice. I will have to check out what other scents they make and find one that is more my taste. So, I plugged it in my living room first and within minutes I could smell it working. I went away that evening and when I returned home I could smell it as soon as I walked in. Not an overwhelming smell, but a nice smell. I have it at the top of our stairs now. So, overall, I think this is a very good product and would definitely recommend it.