February 15, 2006

Our Week in Review

I'm using "Trebuchet" font, which is my son T1's favorite font...which he also calls "trench bucket"...lol I guess I shouldn't "laugh out loud" although it wasn't really "out loud"...but I don't know how to pronounce it either, so in our house, it's trench bucket!! And "Comic Sans" is still comic sans...and btw, I hate the way everyone is using "sans" now in general conversation (or should I say in blogging conversation).

Anyway, my almost 12 yr old son has pneumonia. Go figure. He's had it twice now in his almost 12 years. Makes me feel like mother of the year, considering he's been sick for almost two weeks and I've just been dosing him up with OTC meds and waiting for it to go away. And the worse part of it is, I probably wouldn't have even taken him to the doctor if he wouldn't have overdosed himself. Monday night! He thought he was being helpful at 10:00 pm by giving himself his Motrin Cold...and he almost got it right, only he gave himself 2 TBS of it instead of 2 tsp...big difference there. My skinny little 11 yr old who only weighs 80 pounds soaking wet ended up taking 600 mg of motrin, and 90 mg of pseudophedrine. A normal dose would have been 200 of motrin and 30 of pseudophedrine. Of course I called Poison Control. They said he'd probably be ok, but to have him drink and for me to watch him and check on him every 20 minutes for 2 hours. Did I mention this was at 10:00 AT NIGHT when he did this. If you know me, you know 10PM is my cut off of my day...at 10pm I MUST be on my way to bed or it and I get UGLY! Of course I was worried enough that I did it with little grouchiness. So anyway, he wasn't feeling well yesterday and wanted to take more cold medicine, but I thought since he had had so much the night before that maybe I should call his doctor's office just to check it out. They had a nurse call me back and upon talking to her, we decided he needed to be seen. Not because of the overdose, but because of the symptoms not letting up by the 10th day. Well, at that time it was 3:30 and they close at 4:30...T1 was in bed and HAD to have a shower before going anywhere, the office is a good 25 minutes from my house on a good day, AND, I had all my daycare kids here. Thank goodness my mom was off work yesterday and could stay with the kiddos. I felt a little bad, because we were suppose to have a Valentine's Day party, BUT...I think they got the better end of it, my mom gave them ice cream sandwiches for snack and my 3 yr old daycare girl had THREE of them. LOL I about flipped when my mom told me this. She just looked at me with that "grandma look" and said "They were SMALL!"

As far as my Valentine's Day, it was nice (other than the doctor part). I got ROSES. And even though the guy didn't sign the card, I KNOW who they're from! My mom made dinner and we swapped gifts after. My kids MADE me cards, which I ADORE! I love MADE cards!!!! T1 got me (*with help from grandma) the Natasha Bedingfield CD. It's good. I'm listening to it right now. T2 got me (see *) a valentine blanket. It's so cute and SOFT!! It's got little hearts all over it and it's so comfy!

We were up at 4am. Not because of illnesses or anything, but because our neighbors behind us (Taylor calls them our "backdoor neighbors") have a dog that barks NONSTOP. He's done pretty good lately, but last night he was just crazy! I debated calling the police, because I did that a few years ago when it was a weekly/nightly/daily thing, and I couldn't even sleep with my windows open in the summer like I should be able to...irritating!! So I sat there all upset and angry until 5:30 when I decided to turn my tv on loud enough to half way drown out the barking. Tonight I will call the police!!! I will!! I'm too tired to deal with it anymore! And these neighbors are not nice neighbors either! I would LOVE to be able to go over there, or call them and ask in a nice friendly way if they could please take their dog in at night, but that would get me nowhere I'm sure. I've dealt with them before and they don't care. It's just rude! If you have a dog or dogs that bark all night, put them in somewhere! Beside the fact that we have a noise ordinance in this town.

Anyway, that's all for now. I am so tired I don't even know what I'm writing about. I am making the kids a fast dinner and going to bed! Sleep...I need sleep!

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Matt 11:28-30