February 22, 2006

If I have to witness one more dramatic "goodbye"...

Oh my gosh, seriously. I just stumbled upon yet another dramatic , sad, heart wrenching "goodbye blog" post. Ok, I'm trying not to be judgmental, and all in all, these dramatic goodbyes have a good meaning, but STILL....it's a BLOG people!
These women with their "last posts" , like it's their last breath... And their "I'm sorry, it had to be done, it was either the blog or my family/marriage/children's welfare" I'm not even kidding here!! And their "I've consulted with my husband, my psychiatrist, my friends and my family and I think this is for the best." Consulted?? A.R.E. Y.O.U. S.E.R.I.O.U.S? Really? Are you serious people?! It's a blog. These women really take this THAT seriously that they feel if they don't pull the plug completely on their blog that their lives are going to be in total ruins. What the heck? Blog when and if you can. There are no rules. And if you belong to some blogring that dictates when and how much you must post, maybe you just need to leave it. This isn't a blogging issue here people, this is an addiction problem. If you can't shut your computer down to make sure the your children are fed, your husband is taken care of, your house is clean, you get a daily shower, and your kids get to school on time...maybe you shouldn't have internet at all, period! I just don't see how these women can honestly blame their home/work/marriage/children issues on having a blog. PUHLEEZE! Take some responsibility here...I don't think these issues, lie within having a blog. Good grief, so you have responsibilities that will keep you from blogging for a couple days...so then DON'T blog for a couple days!! See how easy that is? Just don't blog every second of every day! Simple! Do it for fun in your spare time. Is it THAT hard? Really?

Get a grip ladies and up the prozac dosage!


Christine said...

Maybe we should start a new blog. It could be an online counseling spot for those who are trying to decide if they should stop. You can be the main consultant. I can see it now ...

... blogger droans on and on about the torment they are facing.

Your gentle reply will go something like this:

"Get your head out of your butt, moron! No one is gonna' die without the Flicker's of your kids at McDonald's or your homeschool unit on earthworms! Just step away from the mouse or I'll pop through your screen and strangle you myself!"

What do you think?

hee! hee!

Happy Mom Tonja said...

OH my darling Christine...after all you and your poor sick family have been through, and you still can manage to brainstorm new ideas for the blogging world. You are now the master blogger!! You rule!!
And you crack me up!!

I hope everyone is feeling better and thanks for the laugh... and for agreeing with me. You WERE agreeing with me right?! LOL Are we the only sane ones? Cause if so...we're in a heap of trouble ladies and gentlemen!!