February 18, 2006

My top 7 list....

Although this seems a little highschool to me (Sorry "G"), I promised a friend, my best friend, that I would add this to my blog...so here we go. This is my top 7 list of the "men" I would choose, if that were ever in my lifetime possible. Actually, I probably wouldn't choose any of these men, because I'm not sure any of them are "husband" material but anyway, here they are...

**Ok, well, my "common" pick would be husband material, except he doesn't know I'm alive. Although I do have his work email addy and I've thought about just emailing him and saying something to the effect of: "Hey, I know you, I'd like to go out with you sometime, so are you up for it?" Just to see what he says. I have a 50/50 chance...right!

So here they are:

Ethnic Background: Wayne Brady - he's cute and funny.

Movie Star: Leonardo DiCaprio - sorry, he is just looking hotter as he matures! The whole Titanic thing, NO! But now...YES!!

TV Star: Joshua Marrow - Nick on Y&R - always had a thing for him!

Common, Ordinary, Everyday Person that I know: NR -I don't think he even knows me, but he has met me once.

Over 40: George Eads - CSI and just HOT!! HOT!! HOT!!

Bad Boy: Tommy Lee or Dale Jr...it's a toss up. Oh, ok, I'll take them both!

Freebie: Owen Wilson - He's just a cutie patootie!!

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Pea Pod said...

Good List!!! And I know you loved doing it!!