February 1, 2006

Happy February!

I can't believe it's February already, it seems like Christmas was just yesterday. February means my oldest son is going to be one year older...this year...12! Which means next year...official teenager. WAIT, hold on, I want off this ride!! Please lift the bar back up...I have to get off!! Pleeeease!

I'm not ready for him to have a birthday...because that means that I'm getting ready to have another birthday next month, which means my parents are having another birthday because all 3 of our birthdays are in the same week. Neat huh. I'm not looking foward to my kids getting older and I'm not looking forward to ME getting older but what I'm most not looking forward to is my parents getting older. I don't want my parents to get older! I don't want them to be turning 6-0!! I remember when they were in their 40's! And my grandparents were in their 60's and THEY seemed so old! My parents can't be that old!!

So how to we stop this? Anyone? Anyone? Cause I need to know!! 33 is ok! I can handle 33! But, I can't handle my son becoming a teenager and I can't handle my parents coming up on retirement age. So, where's the secret formula? If you have it, please give it to me...I'm willing to barter! What do you want? I have a few dollars in the bank (and when I say that, I mean about 24 cents)...I have a nice SUV...maybe you could use my daycare services? I give good back rubs....any takers??

Anyhoo...speaking of daycare... here's a tidbit and a vent, ya ready?!...
The "tidbit"~ On the news last night they had a story of a provider who is probably about 10-15 miles from me, who owns 2 home daycares and just became licensed last fall. So, she's been licensed for about 3 months. Well, I guess a former employee of hers has accused her of abuse. She's suspected of physically abusing kids age 4 months to 4 years. Of course the media does everything possible to make her look bad. Ok, so maybe she did it, but maybe she had to fire that former employee and this was her revenge. I can't imagine doing something like that to someone, but I know people will do just about anything if they're mad enough. It's happened to me by "disgruntal" daycare parents. I've been taken to court (over money issues), had negative things written in the newspaper about me, I'm sure I've had former clients talk bad about me, but hey, if you can't go by the policies of my daycare, you're probably going to get asked to leave and you're probably going to be mad about it. Get over it! And sorry...but I don't do daycare for free... so when I make you pay, you can get an attitude all you want, you're still paying me! Geesh!

Now to the "vent"~ Speaking of my policies... I have very strict ones when it comes to bringing sick kids to my daycare. Point being...I don't want them here!! It's not fair to the sick child to have to be here - they are sick...they want to be home with their mommy, it's not fair to me - when I get sick many people have to find back up care for their kids, it's not fair to the other kids - who will most likely get whatever it is they have, and it's not fair to the other daycare parents - who will have to miss work and take their children to the doctor, and pay for the office visit and any meds needed. BUT, for some reason, you can't get most daycare parents to understand this! They get upset when you won't take their child. And I'm going to leave it at that, because I hate to point fingers or name names (cause I don't know who reads this blog and who doesn't)...so let's just say that I have a child here today who should NOT be here, and when I confronted the dad on this, he got a little upset, (or at least looked like he was about to get upset)...so I kept the child, but I won't do it again. I only have one other child here today and she's older, so hopefully they won't share germs. Except for the truth is, he's been here the last 2 days and have probably spread these germs around anyway, so if someone's going to get sick, it's probably too late now. Gotta love germs!!

So that's it for today...I can't believe it's Wednesday already. I know I said I thought last week was going fast, but this week is going in warp speed. It's those birthdays creeping up! I just know it!!