April 23, 2006

Call Me Crazy

So, I had the weirdest thought yesterday and I've been thinking about it today...
here goes, and I've taken cover so let the tomatoes fly!!

Why can't men put their unborn child up for adoption, or at least have options like women? I am so sick of women wanting equal rights, but then when it comes to an unborn child, they want ALL the say, all the rights. And then they complain because the man isn't doing enough and then sues the guy for support and takes his money.

Here's my thing... say two people who are not married, have a one night stand... the women becomes pregnant and can't afford the baby. She doesn't want an abortion but can't care for the child either. The man and women aren't a couple and the man does not want a child or to be tied to the woman the rest of his life. That should be his choice. Well, let's say she decides she wants to keep the baby, but goes after the man for support. And let's say that although adopting the baby out would have been the best choice, she doesn't do that. Now, let's say that the man is all for adopting the baby out and feels that it would truly be in the best interest for the child.

This is where you really have to stop thinking like a woman or a man and just think.

If she wanted to give the baby up for adoption, it would be her choice and unless the man really wanted the child and fought for custody, and spent tons of money and time in court, the baby would most likely be placed up for adoption. If he thinks the best choice for his unborn child is adoption, it doesn't matter... she gets to make the call and he gets stuck paying child support for 18 years.

So why can't he take her to court to put the baby up for adoption? Why does it get to be her say? Because she's having it? That's ridiculous.

And before you bring birth control and wise choices into the loop... preventing a pregnancy is BOTH a man and woman's responsibility!! A woman is just as responsible for that, if not more. I mean women ARE the ones who have to carry and deliver the child. (And most likely take the most responsibility of it when it's born.) Why wouldn't you want to take control of that??!! Yes, it IS your body... so take control of it and what you're doing with it.

Why do women keep acting like these men owe them something? What if the man doesn't want a child? He's screwed! If the woman decides to keep it, he's stuck. I think that's unfair.

If women want to use the "it's my body" thing.. then fine, let's make them totally responsible for birth control too! That way, if they get pregnant, it's solely their responsibility! I mean we all know most men aren't thinking straight in that position anyway, so why would you leave bc up to them at that point?!

I'm not saying that a man should be able to make a woman give her child up for adoption if she doesn't want to, I'm just saying that if he is all for adoption and she wants to keep the baby, she should be totally responsible for the child and he shouldn't be made to pay support. And of course, he should not be able to have any contact with that child either and would be giving up all his rights to the child.

Do you get my point? This is just one of those things that make you say "Hmmm"... or at least it does me. I'm sorry, but men really get the short end of the stick some times. (no pun intended)