April 20, 2006

Care for a Quickie?

Ok, this is going to be quick because, GUESS WHAT, you'll never guess, not in a million years... give up? I HAVE A FLIPPIN HEADACHE and I need to go to bed. UGH!! I am SO sick of this same headache that I've had for TWO weeks now!!! grrrr Is this really just allergies? Or have I popped something and are now hemorrhaging from yelling at my kids? You know, if they'd listen the first 63 times, I wouldn't have to scream!! And having a headache that has lasted for umm, well, let's see here... about 312 HOURS doesn't make things easier. Seriously... what's with the constant headache.

Anyhoo... I am excited tomorrow is Friday! No real reason, just thought I'd say that. Actually I'll be happier when it's Saturday if truth be known. I'm not excited that tomorrow I will have to work with this constant feeling of nails being driven into my head. These are the times that I WISH I had a normal job that I could call into without making people panic. Of course the two that I have tomorrow may not be coming any longer so I guess I wouldn't have much to lose, but... I could be surprised so I don't want to risk it. I will know by next week. That is my timeline, I'm sending both families letters home on Monday asking for them to let me know by the end of the week if their kids are staying, leaving, going part-time, or what... I HATE living in lingo. I refuse to do it! I will get answers!

Later Gators... off to bed I go! Hopefully Mr. Sandman will either sprinkle some magic sand over my head to take this pain away, or slam my head into my headboard a couple times real hard... maybe that would help? Ya think? I'm up for anything!