April 7, 2006

Our Friday Plans

This is what we rented for tonight. It looks cute. Just a nice family movie. I wanted to rent "Derailed"...but the rating wasn't that great and I wanted something me and the boys could watch together.

For dinner, T2 and I got chinese... we had sesame chicken, white rice, broccoli, and ordered a side of crab rangoon. Yum! We took T1 to Subway and he got a foot long veggie sub. You know, I am SO sick of people acting like my son is a freak when we order food for him. If we go to a fast food place, he'll usually order a sandwich but without the meat. Half the time the cashier doesn't know how to punch in "no meat" on the register, so we have to stand there and wait while they call the manager up... then they usually have to yell back to the people making the food not to put meat on the sandwich. OF course this would be so much easier if T1 would just order the sandwich and take the meat off afterwards, but he doesn't want the meat and grease touching the rest of the food and I can respect that. Anyway... the girl at Subway took our order, repeated the order, told us to pull forward, then opened the window and questioned the the stuff he wanted on his sub - (all veggies), I told her "yes" that was correct. She looked at me and said "ooookay??" like I was ordering something sick like cow brains. Grrrr. I'm so sick of that!! You have veggie subs on your menu, you moron!

We had some crazy weather today. Bright shining sun and all of a sudden huge hail. Very weird. We had hail 3 different times. It's rained on and off, but somehow the sun just keeps coming back and shining bright. Our tornado sirens went off, but it was hard to believe anything was happening due to the beautiful sunshine. Did I mention the sunshine we've had today? lol Sorry, vitamin D gets me excited!!

Well, that's it for today... time to go relax and let my weekend begin!