April 5, 2006

Hidee Ho Neighbors and Buh-biiii!

Don't you love to see a For Sale sign go up in the yard of the neighbor that you find to be less than neighborly?! I do!! And it happened today! Yippeeee!! "Good riddance" to the NON STOP BARKING DOG (ya, it was me who called the police at 4am...I figured if I was up because of your dog, you should be TOO!), and "See Ya!" to the trampy little 17 yr old cheerleader who likes jumping half naked on her trampoline with her other cheerleader friends, (eh eh, before you say anything, NO, I'm not jealous...I'm concerned for my two boys - one of which is at that wonderful age of 12- and these girls weren't just scantily clad...they were in their bras and panties, in their back yard, no privacy fence, in our little neighborhood where houses are very close together!),
and BUH BI to you GRANDMA who came over to tattle on my children for being too loud at about 6:00 in the evening! Get over yourself!! And SHAME on you for just sitting there flicking your cigarette when I did the right thing and walked them over to your front porch to apologize to you! For what - I still don't know, but it seemed like the "NEIGHBORLY" thing to do!! Ya, you can bite me granny!! (Don't you all just want to move next to me??!! lol)

Anyway...moving on....geez, what a day! I was SO busy. I cleaned, painted, went to walmart, did laundry (which required me to wash here and go to the laundry mat in town), re-worded some things in my daycare contract, took everything down off the walls and windows in the daycare room, taught my homeschooled kids (ok, not really but I'll make them watch c-span later...does that count?) and worked...lol And it's not going to slow down any time soon. Tomorrow I am getting up a half hour early to take a daycare child a half hour before I normally open. I'm so nice! I'm not even getting paid extra for it and I think this family is leaving...so I'm stupid, but I'm NICE!
Then tomorrow night is Taylor's first baseball practice, unless it rains like it's suppose to. (wouldn't hurt my feelings!) Then I have major cleaning all weekend. Like major! I've let some things go and now I have triple the work. ugh. If your house is 10 minutes from being completely clean for company at all times... please leave my blog now!! Just kidding. Maybe you could send me some hints on how to do that?
Next week should slow down a bit. I have an interview on Wednesday... really need some kiddos, so say a little prayer it will be a good family! Thursday I have family coming for the weekend and Taylor has baseball practice that night. Friday I am off work (yee haw) and we have a Good Friday service at our church that evening. Saturday - busy with family, Sunday - Easter, Monday - off work again (another "yee haw"!), but sadly we'll be saying good bye to family. Then it's back to the grind until Memorial Day.

Well, there's more I wanted to cover... Like all the Florida House of Reps (D) on
C-Span last night at 10:30... My new idol is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz http://www.house.gov/schultz/bio.htm She rocks!! Has anyone else noticed that minimum wage has stayed the same since 1997...that's almost 10 YEARS!!! By now, minimum wage should be $8.88!! I loved it when she compared that to a Big Mac value meal at Mc Donalds! She said that is what Americans are worth in pay...one Big Mac value meal per hour! Her and Ken Meek really intrigued me!

Does the fact that I've now given up The Golden Girls to watch C-Span scare any of you? Cause it DOES me!!!! You know what else scares me? This...

Currently, the U.S. debt is estimated at $8,388,984,953,251.77
Your share of today's public debt is $28,108.31