April 11, 2006

To Whom This May Concern...

To whom ever keeps leaving THIS, in my comments box:
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Ok...I know that I never get comments, I've accepted that... but this is ridiculous!

Anyway... we're all ok here. I think I have a sinus infection but other than that we're just all jumping for joy! Not really, but we pretend to be all happy when we have to. Just getting ready for company and I only have 2 days left of my work week...yippee!!
Oh... did I mention that I still have to get my taxes done? What is today anyway? March 1? April 2? OH ya... April 11th! Hmmmm. Ya. Well. Be nice to me Mr. IRS man. Please! I'm a hard workin single mama... No? That won't work? There will be penalties? GREAT!!
Did I mention I have an interview tomorrow and then the family coming Thursday, and I haven't started cleaning at all??
Don't worry my peeps, it's all gooood... I work best under pressure.

And comments are OFF... Take that!!