April 15, 2006


Hello all....
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, with family coming and taxes, I've been busy.

My fam arrived safely on Thursday afternoon. We had been telling my kids that it was my grandparents that were coming, but really it was my aunt and cousin from West Virginia. They were so suprised when they showed up. lol

I took Friday off work so we had our little Easter party Thursday afternoon. While the kids were napping, we hid eggs. Then they got up, had a special Easter snack and we had the egg hunt. It was cute. One of my little guys (who is almost 2) did really good. He was finding eggs that my oldest daycare child couldn't find.

Taylor had baseball practice at 6:30 that night. My parents had to get their pictures done in Anderson so my cousin Jer went with us to Taylor's practice. Last week was his first practice but he wasn't feeling real well, so I went and got his schedule and told one of the other moms to tell the coach why we weren't there. So, I go up to the coach and introduce myself and Taylor and then mention that I saw that they had practice two nights a week (this is Taylor's 5th year in baseball and we've never had more than one per week) and I told him that Monday nights may be a little hard for us but if anything he should be able to be there for at least the first half of the practice... OH MY GOSH, this guy went off! He was like "WELL, where do you live? Can someone else pick him up and take him home? He HAS to be here!" I almost laughed! Seriously... this is little league baseball!! I told him where we lived... he didn't even know where it was and this is in a VERY small town and we are one of the main subdivisions. Anyway, I told him it wasn't about transportation but that we were busy on Monday nights. Then he proceeds to tell me that after the games start they will still be having practice on Monday nights and he has to be there. I told him that we've never continued to have practices after the games started. He said "Is this his first year?" Well, ok, first off that didn't even make sense... but I said "This is his FIFTH year!" and he just said "Oh". So, you are expecting me to bring my son on Monday nights for practice, Thursday nights for games and then Saturday mornings for games. Sorry, but our lives don't revolve around little league baseball. I mean I enjoy being a Baseball Mom like the next person, but I'm not crazy! Then I'm looking around and notice the kids on his team are very small. So I ask the coach what the ages were.... 7 and 8 yr olds. Most in first grade, some in second. Hmmm, GREAT!! My son is 9 and in 3rd grade. This is NOT going to be an exciting baseball season! lol
So, anyway... after his practice, (where I sat and worked on taxes the whole time) we went to Subway to eat and then home. We didn't really do much, just sat around, I finished up my taxes and since everyone was pretty tired, we all went to bed pretty early.

Yesterday morning I HAD an appointment with a NEW tax lady at 10:30. My cousin said he'd go with me, so we got up, got ready and as I was eating breakfast, I was thinking "what if this new tax lady can't get me a refund? what if she starts making me pay quarterly taxes?" So, I called my dad and asked him about his tax lady. (She did my taxes last year and actually bought out the business that my former tax man owned - so we just stayed there and went with her. Well, she messed my parents up ROYALLY last year, and messed me up because she told me she was electronically sending mine, then she didn't but failed to tell ME! So I have been leary of going back to her!) Anyway, my dad mentioned something about her telling him she could just take all my stuff over the phone. So the more I got to thinking about it, I decided: 1. That would be easier, and 2. I have already been to her, she knows what needs to be done for my home daycare and in the past, I have always gotten a decent return. (Plus, she was a little cheaper than this new lady.) So, I cancelled my appointment with the new lady and called the old one and left a message. So, we went on with our day and we were in Walmart when she called me back. She said she could take my stuff but I'd still have to come in. She sounded a little irritated. She's not the most client friendly person in the world... but anyway, so I guess I'll call in my info Monday and then go sign my stuff and pay her on Tuesday. And yes, I know I'm late, but whatever... I work better under pressure and it's making me a nervous wreck that Monday is "Tax Day".... geez... calm down people, have you ever heard of a thing called an "EXTENSION"?
Very easy!!!

So we did some shopping yesterday, went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Had dinner at home and then... THEN... we decided to go bowling. LOL None of us had been for a long time, so we thought it would be fun. So we went. My mom ended up not feeling well and my dad has just gotten home from a very long day at work and had to get up early today to go back, so it was just me, the kids and my aunt and cousin. We had fun though and they were having an Easter special so the games were really cheap!! We stopped at Dairy Queen and got blizzards on the way home. Got home, played a couple card games and were on our way to bed. We had some nasty rainy weather with hail last night. There is also some major flooding around us too. But, I'm not going to complain... I'd rather have rain and warm weather than snow!!

Today I'm not sure what we've got planned. I know my aunt and I are going tanning and we have to get a ham for dinner, but other than that, the day is ours for the taking. My cousin brought his tennis rackets, so we may go up to the park and play some tennis. Whatever we do, it will be fun!

If I don't get on here later, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!!
He is Risen!!