April 2, 2006

Times Are A Changin'

I had to do something last night that I haven't had to do for 10 years...I had to set my clocks an hour ahead. Grrr. Indiana really was FINE the way we were, but I guess the farmers disagreed. The good thing is that I will be on the same time as my friends and family in other states. Oh...and The Golden Girls will still be on at the same time each night. Yippeee! lol (I know I'm weird...you don't have to leave a comment!)

Anyway, I guess because of the whole time change situation, my internal clock got a little messed up cause I kept waking up at really wacky times all night long. Then I would sit and think to myself, "ok, the clock says 4:30 but it really should only be 3:30"... I had my alarm set at 6:50, but when it went off I guess my half-asleep self must have thought I had more time because I ended up turning the alarm off and going back to sleep. Needless to say I woke up at 8:20, ready to get up and get ready...thinking it was only 7:20 and I'd have an hour to get ready for church. BUT...you know, since church starts at 8:30, I just thought for some odd reason that it may be a little too late to go. lol

So, NO...to my nagging friend (you know who you are) who asks me each week "Did you go to church????!!!!" No, I didn't go. And now I don't want to hear another thing about it. Especially considering the fact that if you were still married, you'd never see the inside of a church... so don't go playing all goody goody with me now girlfriend!

We just got done having lunch...it was yummy. Nothing big, but it was good. We had spaghetti, a wonderful salad (with carrots, cheese, green peppers, crutons, and dressing), and garlic bread that was baked just right! It was so much better than going out and getting fast food!!

It's now 2:45 and I really need to get busy. I have painting to do... I got the paint last night and now I just need to get myself in the mood to start it. I am going to repaint our stairs and upstairs hallway. We have family coming for Easter and I want it to look decent. It's ok now, but since it was first done with flat paint by the builders, it just has a lot of little marks and fingerprints from two little boys who were only 6 and 3 yrs old when we moved in.

OH OH... I have joke for ya...
I went to bed real early Friday night, therefore I was fully awake at 6:30 Saturday morning, so I just layed in bed and flipped through channels trying to be quiet so I wouldn't wake anyone else up... I'm shocked that my outburst of laughter didn't wake the whole house when I heard this... here it is... try not to die laughing...

Yo mama's so crosseyed that yo daddy left her for seeing someone on the side.

I don't know why, but that just caught me funny and I seriously burst out laughing.
Anyone have a good "Yo Mama" joke? If so, please leave it for me.

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