August 14, 2006

Again - Why Do I Go Out?

I get so irritated at people so easily. And I know I should have more patience but seriously people, how hard is it to work a Burger King drive thru?! OH my gosh!
I say the value meal number, you punch it into your computer. WhaLaa. Easy.

Long story short... my patience were gone! 11 hours of daycare on a Monday (you can't even fathom it unless you've done it), starting our new school year after daycare was over, and then having to go to Kohl's to do some back-to-school shopping (ok, so we're homeschoolers and don't REALLY need new clothes for school, but I love back-to-school shopping and my kids needed new shoes). All that had left my patience pretty much down to nothing. Then I made the mistake of thinking that we could just go through a drive thru real fast since it was almost 8pm. Ya, you'd think I would have learned my lesson... but I'm silly that way.

So we head to BK, get up to the speaker and once again are questioned 101 times about the request of not putting meat on the whopper jr, plus more irritating things that I don't even have the energy to type about at this point.

End of story... my mom was driving my suv and I told her to put it in reverse and get us out of there. So my mom, being the nice woman that she is, politely told the girl that we were cancelling our order, put it in reverse and started to back up until the girl said something like "do you want ketchup?" to which my mom put it back in drive, pulled up and once again said politely "we're cancelling our order". I thought I was going to scream, but instead pulled the Rescue Remedy out of my purse and sprayed away to my heart's content.

Now I'm off to bed. I needs me sleep! Tomorrow will be another busy day and my oldest is coming down with some sort of throat illness. I will be searching for a natural herbal remedy. If that doesn't work, off to the MD we'll go for a Rx.

So much fun to be had!