August 8, 2006

Today We're Gonna Party Like It's...

Well, not like it's 1999... but we are going to "party"... kind of.

My oldest daycare girl is leaving for preschool and today is her last day. It's sad, yet exciting. I'm gonna miss her but I think she's going to have a lot more fun with other kiddos her own age. So... we're having a little "going away" party. Not sure how much of a "party" it's going to be considering the other party goers are age 2, 10 months, 4 months and 3 months... but I'll let ya know.

Other than that, not much else is going on. My dreams of getting the daycare out of my house and into a building are just slowing shattering before my eyes. lol And I'm not surprised... I think I would be surprised if everything was coming together as I'd like. I guess that's just God's way of telling me that my plans aren't the best and His are. And that's ok. I will wait.

The boys are out and about with grandpa today. He's on vacation this week so they're coming up with things to keep him busy during his time off. Right now they are at the dealership getting oil changes for my car and my mom's car. After that, they are going to a music store to look at guitars for T1. He thinks that's an instrument he would/could be interested in. Then they'll probably get lunch somewhere and head over to the John Deere store for T2.

My plans? Well... I'll probably spend the day changing poopy diapers, being thrown up on, listen to screaming babies, get them all asleep at the same time- have one start screaming two minutes later only to have them all wake up screaming, referee many fights between the 3 yr old and 2 yr old, clean up many spills, and maybe, JUST maybe get two bites of a chocolate chip muffin as my only food of the day- just like yesterday. I know you're jealous! Really, it's a rock star's life over here!

I'll be sure to keep you updated... I know you're on the edge of your seats!