August 19, 2006

Fair Pics and A "Special" Pic For the Mamas

Go here to my other blog to see the fair pics. Or Tyler's Blog , or Taylor's Blog to see even more pics.

I saw this and thought of all you happily lactating bloggers:

You'll be happy to know that at the Indiana State Fair, nursing mothers had their very own tent and had a place to nurse their babies to their hearts content. Of course they should be allowed to do it ANYWHERE, right?! lol And just to let you know how cool I am with nursing, we ate right next to it. (Although I had water with my lunch.) Also, I am a little confused at why they have a man's hand on the sign... and what is it suppose to be doing???


Francisco Rivera said...

Hello from Chile, thank for visit me..

Happy Mom Tonja said...

Well, Mr. Fancisco Rivera, thanks for the comment. Although I've never been to Chile, that must have been someone else you had a visit with. Although people tell me I look like other people all the time. There's a lady at Dairy Queen who swears I'm this high school girl she knows. HEY, maybe it was her that you had that visit with?

BTW, Is that your hand on the sign?