August 8, 2006

In The Words of Public Enemy

Get up get, get get down
911 is a joke in yo town
Get up, get, get, get down
Late 911 wears the late crown
911 is a joke!
And I will be calling our town Marshall (head of police) in the morning!

But until then, here's the scoop:
Like usual, anytime my kids and I venture out into public,
chaos erupts...
We went to get icees, but the icee machine was broke.
So, we take a nice little drive through our little town's park. We decided to stop and swing a minute. As I'm walking to the swings, I notice a teenage boy carrying a cat upside down. I decide to keep my eye on him. He walks over to a group of 3 other boys and I knew nothing good could come about from the looks they were giving this poor cat. Now in their defense, maybe they WERE trying to help the cat, but... they needed to use some common sense and this is where I come in. Two of the boys are on a moped. They decide they're going to take the cat. They
decided the best way to do this would be to lift up the seat of the moped, (you know the little storage compartment) and put the cat in the there. I overheard one of the boys say, "The cat's not going to be able to breathe and it's going to die". Well, I guess that really didn't matter because they put the cat in, put the lid down and proceeded to get on the moped and drive away. This is where I come in again... only this time I'm holding my cell phone, dialing 911 and telling these young men that what they are doing is called a FELONY. At least it is in Indiana! (As it well should be!) So they are telling me the cat is hurt, I'm trying to talk to the 911 operator, he's getting mad at me because I'm yelling at these boys to get the cat out of their moped and my head is spinning. Finally they let the cat go. The cat RUNS as fast as it can away from these kids (not looking too hurt, I might add) and I'm trying to tell the 911 operator where I'm at. He wants to know which park... so I say the park on Church Street. (Basically the only park our town has) So he tells me someone will be right there. This was at 7:30... at 8:15, no one had shown up. So, I call the police department, which is answered by another town's police department (cause our town is so small) and I tell them that I've been waiting for 45 minutes. The guy says that someone did drive through, I tell him NO THEY DID NOT! He tells me someone went to "Landmark Park" and no one was there. Well, there ya go. We weren't at that park, we were at "Memorial Park". The one on Church Street, like I SAID! This other park isn't on church street, it's on Staat Street which is about 3 blocks away. Which led me to ask..."OK, so if they went to the other park, why didn't they just drive three more blocks and check out the other park?!" I was not happy and of course he didn't have an answer to that. So, then I said I wanted to talk to someone, they tell me I'll have to wait until morning and talk to our town's Marshall. Because not all felonies are equal. Just the important ones that can get written up in our weekly police blotter to make the police department look good. Hmm, maybe this should get written as a Letter to the Editor.
Or maybe by morning I will have calmed down and this won't matter anymore. Who knows. The point is the cat is safe (or at least had a chance to escape) and I feel better knowing that.