August 12, 2006

Ba da dat dat daaa... Not Lovin It

Or at least I'm close. I just can't eat Mc D's anymore. Every time I get it I ask myself "Why did you get this?!?".

Tonight we were running around and needed dinner... sooooo, instead of coming home (like I should have) we stopped and did the drive thru thing. I promised myself I was going to get a salad but something I like to call the "Satanic Hamburglar" spoke nothing but evil in my ear while I was placing my order and I ended up ordering a double cheeseburger meal.

I'm sure my doggies enjoyed it. I took a couple bites and decide that wasting the money wasn't the point, I just can not eat this crap anymore.

If I get hungry later, I'll make myself some organic maple oatmeal I found at the store today. One of my daycare babies has oatmeal every other morning and it's been making me hungry for it.

Our movie was good last night. Not something I'd want to watch over and over again, but I didn't fall asleep totally. Ok, I did in one part and we had to rewind it. Or whatever it is you do to dvds. Do you "rewind"? I know you can "fast forward"... Hmm, I guess I'll have to take a look at my dvd remote... hold on ... Ok, I did. And the answer is - No, you do not "rewind" a dvd, you press "reverse" and it goes back. Or you can press "previous". Just a good little tidbit to know, for whatever reason. You never know what they'll come up with next time you go to renew your driver's license.