August 18, 2006


I read two different kinds of blogs. Popular and not so much. My blog is "not so much". I'm ok with that, because for me, I wouldn't have time or energy to take a week out of my life to go to a BlogHer convention. (Although from the pics, it looked like everyone had a rockin time.)

I wasn't the most poplular in school. I wasn't the least poplular either. I was middle ground. Although I did get to sit at the cheerleader's table a couple of times. (And I hated it... catty girls, ugh! Go do a cartwheel or something!)

Anyhoo... how can you tell the popularity of a blog? Well, it's right there in the comments! Comments are nice. It lets people know their blog is actually getting read.

I don't get many comments and many of the blogs I read don't get many comments either. So here's my plan.... You leave comments for me - I'll leave comments for you.

And if not, oh well, I'll still be here ranting and raving. Even if it's to my own self.
Hey, there's a new concept... leave comments to yourself. Hmm, I may try it.


Happy Mom Tonja said...

Wow, what an awesome post... you truly are the smartest woman around.

Robyn said...

You left a comment on my 'not-so-popular' blog once and I've been checking yours periodically since then. I've thought about leaving comments several times, but never have. Your post encouraged me to leave one anyway! I enjoy reading your random rants, keep up the blog, it's entertaining for me!

Robyn from Oregon

Gail Martin said...

I really enjoy reading your blog.
You are truly talented in writing
your comments, your mind is a
wonderful place to visit I bet.
You word things so great!
I truly think you could be a columnist for a magazine or a reporter for a news channel.
Great Job!

Happy Mom Tonja said...

Robyn - Thanks! I will leave some comments on your blog as I visit there often and enjoy hearing about your kiddos and your lives in the ministry. (My father is a minister so I know what a big job you have!) Thanks for the comment!

Aunt Gail - Aww, what a nice comment! How much do I owe you? lol Just kidding. I'm glad you enjoy our boring lives!! When are you going to join the blogging world?? And about visiting my mind... I wouldn't want to try that, you may get lost!
I luv ya lots!!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I'm "not so much" as well. Aren't comments nice though? Makes you feel like there's actually somebody out there!