August 22, 2006

Breaking News

Wassup? I did NOT know there was a Hip-Hop boycott on Cristal Champagne. (Or would that be a 'BOyee'cott?) Thanks to K-Fed and his lousy reviews, I now know.

Dang G, I needs to take my bling bling off and put down my bottle.
Why is this home girl the last to know about this?
PEOPLE!!... why are you diss'n me like this? Straight up, why aren't you sharing the 411? Now I look all jacked up sitting here chillin in my crib with my big grill smile on my face, drinking my Cristal all 24/7. I'm an embarrassment to my whole gangsta dawgs! Please don't be hatin'... I didn't know, A'ight!

Holla - Peace Out!

PS- Wanna get ghetto too? Go here Dawg! And show me your best Ghetto talk. And don't be frontin' - we know you want to shizzle yo fazizzle!!


Anonymous said...

BOO-YAH! I love yo blog. You are off the hook, you have some mad skills when it comes to writin'! Well I better go, have a good night CRACKER! Yo cousin!

i_am_Tyler said...

you're SOO not funny...