August 23, 2006

Silly Daycare Parents... Tricks Are For Providers

I usually don't talk about my daycare parents on here, just in case they find me. But I know this mother doesn't have internet, so hopefully she will not read this... and if she does, oh well, she will just realize how unsmart she really was. And how whiners always come in last around here!!

I decided to change my contract this summer. I had it to where the parents received 5 free days that they didn't have to pay for, if their child was out. I received 10 days paid - personal/sick/vacation to use whenever. Well, I thought since my mom had started working for me that there probably wouldn't be the need for me to close that much so I changed it to them paying whether their child was here or not, and me not getting paid for any time I take off/close the daycare. Except for some holidays.

I have normal holidays off with pay like normal people with normal jobs: Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. Well, since I was giving up 10 days paid, I added TWO more paid holidays. One is President's Day and the other is Columbus Day. I will admit Columbus Day is pretty far fetched but I just lost 10 days of paid time off here people!!

Seriously, throw this girl a bone please, daycare is not a job that comes with perks and benefits and 401Ks. Give me a little somethin'.

Well, yesterday one of my daycare moms came in and was not happy about it at all. So she just starts in questioning me about it and I just stood there. I really didn't say anything because I honestly didn't feel like it. I have better things to use my energy for. Like the 5 kids I care for. So I let her stand at my door and mumble things under her breath about it. Then she left and the world went on.

But I knew it wouldn't end there.

My mom helps me in the morning and so she is the one to get most of the kids when they arrive. Well, I KNEW this mom would say something to my mom this morning and sure enough, she did! I guess she's still upset about it and I guess she'll talk to me this afternoon about it further.

Well, that's fine with me. I will tell her I'll be opened Columbus Day and President's Day. Then I'll hand her a letter and let her know that her current contract will stay active and in that contract I get 10 paid days off!! She can have her silly little Columbus Day. I have 10 days to take off , get PAID for and do whatever I want with now.

Hmm, maybe I'll take Halloween off... it's a holiday right?


Jer-izzle said...


Happy Mom Tonja said...

You are my home boy!

Mamacita Tina said...

There will always be those who complain, it's never enough...

Good luck with that one. Yikes.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I take ten paid holidays, four paid personal days, and make them pay all the time whether their kid comes or not. She should be happy she's at your place; I'd hate to think what she'd say to me. I do provide diapers and offer 2 free babysitting nights, but still.

I love the way people complain. We don't get to say anything when people are in their PAJAMAS dropping off their kids and say they took the day off to catch up on sleep. sigh...