June 14, 2007

Any Prayer Will Do

So my mom took T2 back to the allergist this morning. His numbers went up from the 65% from last week and they said he was doing 110% better. The nurse practitioner that we see (who is SO very nice!) was just at a loss for words. She said they've never seen a child do so great in just one week.

I take some of the credit for that... I mean, I was the MEAN MEAN mother who made him do those breathing treatments twice a day, and I was the MEAN MEAN woman last Friday who was in ticked off tears trying to get someone to ok his prescriptions because HELLO, it was the WEEKEND and we NEEDED those meds and WHO is the stupid idiot who would ask for a doctor's authorization on a Friday afternoon at 4:00!?! (Trust me, I'm not little miss sunshine when my children are involved, especially if it involves their health!!)

What I didn't know was that it was in his chart that if his numbers weren't significantly improved at his visit today, we were looking at a hospital stay. Hmm, that was nice to find out AFTER the fact.

Anyway, the NP was shocked and just kept telling my mom she couldn't believe how much he improved in just one week, so I asked my mom if she told her that we believed in prayer. She said she didn't, but thought about it later and should have.

The thing that is so great about this is, that even though we were praying for T2 (as many of you who are reading this did, and thank you!!!), we weren't praying as hard or often as if it were something really major because we didn't know it was. But God knew. And that just gives me such peace to know that God does know what is best and his protection is always there even when we may not know we need it!

I'm thankful we were spared that hospital stay... I'm not sure who would have been the bigger baby about it, T2 or me? Ok, ME! (Hands down!!!)

Oh, and because he's doing so great... we don't have to do the allergy shots! Yippeee!!! I really didn't want to have to do that anyway. I just never thought he was bad enough and honestly, I think he's going to outgrow a lot of this. I did.

PS - I JUST read this on yahoo news:

You may have seen ads for a supplement claiming to treat allergies and many other ailments variously called methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), crystalline DMSO, DMSO2, and "Vibrant Life." But do the claims fit the reality?

MSM is derived from the liquid solvent dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), which was a popular alternative remedy for rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions in the 1960s and 1970s. Bathing sore joints in DMSO seemed to reduce arthritic symptoms, and there is some clinical evidence for this benefit.

Both DMSO and MSM appear to be well tolerated and have few noticeable side effects. But recent evidence suggests that they may have significant toxic effects in some cells. One report, for example, showed that MSM induced abnormalities in chromosomes and toxic damage to the gametes (egg and sperm cells) of worms.

There is no clinical evidence that MSM benefits patients with asthma or allergic diseases, and this compound may in fact be unexpectedly toxic. On these grounds, there is good reason to avoid experimenting with MSM, even though it's widely available on the Web and in alternative medicine stores.

Here I am all excited about "natural alternatives" for T2's allergies and I find this. Why do things have to be so difficult? lol