June 3, 2007

I Am Who I Am

First off, I haven't been on here much for a couple of reasons. One being that I don't know if I like the fact that my clients/daycare parents can read all about my life. I kind of feel like whatever goes on outside of daycare, is really no one's business. However, there's nothing going on that is illegal, or immoral and the fact is, I probably lead a better life than a few of them, (if truth be told - not judging or anything) so... I have nothing to hide. I also don't like the fact that there could be other people reading all about my life/feelings/etc. People who I don't particularly want to have access to any info about me. People like: ex boyfriends, ex friends, people from my dad's last church, and especially my children's "father". But, like I said, there's not much "insider" info going on here... I am who I am. And you don't really think I would share EVERYTHING about myself now do you? Anyway, I'm over that because, like stated above, I am who I am. I am comfortable with that and if you're someone who doesn't like me, it's no loss to me anyway and it's sort of funny that you'd be spending time reading ALL ABOUT ME. But anyhoo... moving on.

Another reason I haven't been on is because I started another blog at another site. But you know what... I don't have time to keep up one blog, let alone two. I started the other blog for the main purpose of being able to feel a little more free with my posts. I will keep that blog and rant and rave about issues I can't on here. And since we're all being so honest... I also thought it would be nice to be around some new "faces" and actually, just possibly, get some comments. Well, it worked. I made some new "commenting" friends, but then I realized: 1. I don't have time for my real life friends, how can I commit to online ones? 2. I almost felt like now that I had people, nice nice people, leaving me comments, I had to make sure all my posts were april shower fresh so not to offend anyone. Basically what I'm saying here is I think I would rather use my blog as a soapbox than an online friend finder. I'm ok with that also.

Because... once again... I am who I am.

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Kendra said...

Your post made me laugh because I am one of those strangers reading about your life :) I enjoy reading blogs and commenting on them. Since I own my own blog VBACAdventure.com, I have realized how much I like it when people comment. I try to repay the favor to other blogs :)