June 27, 2007

Humpable Humpday and IBS

I thought I'd join in today, along with other bloggers who post a "humpable humpday" pic. Here's mine:

He's finally back on Y&R and looking mighty fine!

In unrelated news... I can't get over people and I can't get over how they must think that I am just the dumbest person around because I don't have a "real" job.

To make a long story short, I had asked a part-time daycare mom last Friday if her kids were coming yesterday because I had a former client who wanted to bring her 2 kids yesterday and today.(She got called in for jury duty.) The daycare mom said she had the day off and her kids wouldn't be coming so I took the other kids. That should have been the end of it. Oh no, not so. Guess who showed up yesterday afternoon, came in and looked around and then said "Oh, so the new kids ARE here".

I'm just wondering: a. How big do your b*lls have to be to do something like that?, b. Does she think I'm a liar?, and c. Why was it any of her business?

It's MY home, MY daycare and MY business who I have here!

Seriously... I do NOT get paid enough to put up with this stuff!

Yesterday afternoon I went around town and put up fliers for my new endeavor. Then I went through DQ and got a KitKat Blizzard (cause after the whole "checking up" incident, I deserved it!). Then I went home and watched some tv, decided I was still a little hungry and ate some Lays chips. And then... I was sick as a dog. I went to bed around 6:00pm and didn't get up until almost 9:00am.

I was boggled as to why I was so sick and in relaying the details of what I had eaten up to the point of getting sick to my mom, she laughed out loud and said "Tonja, what do you expect!"

I keep forgetting my age and how eating ice cream and potato chips can make for one sick evening. But, trust me, I will not forget that for awhile!

The odd thing is, this happened last Thursday too. I was fine and then all of a sudden, SICK! Like IneedtolaydownNOW, sick! (Or rather IneedtogettothebathroomNOW, sick... but I didn't think you'd want to hear about that!) Anyhoo... does anyone know anything about IBS? I thought that was something old people got. I can't be old enough to have IBS!! Can I?

Hmm, must be the job! Has to be the job!