June 22, 2007

Give Me A Clothes Line Already

I'm not sure if our Neighborhood Association would allow it or not, but I'm ready to put myself a clothes line up in the back yard. OH what am I worried about, if they let the lady down the street keep up her USA lights (aka - red, white and blue CHRISTMAS lights) all year long, what are they going to do about some clothes blowing around? NA's are picky though... fortunately, I'm not sure if ours is even still around but I'm sure glad we're not going through THIS. Although I understand their pain... we have a family two doors down with an inground pool and they blare their radio which is ok, except for: 1. They leave it on when they're not home, and 2. They leave it on Spanish radio. What's the spanish word for Umbrella?? You know... under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh... (anyone else think that song is as about annoying as THIS song?!)

Anyhoo... have I mentioned our dryer issues? We've seriously gone through 4 dryers in 4 years. This week alone, we've had 2 new dryers. Finally yesterday we decided we may need to call an electrician. Yeah, there was something wrong in the breaker box. GO FIGURE. It cost $75 to fix. Meanwhile, I'm not even going to add up what we've paid for the 12 new dryers we've had. Ok, if you really want a total, it's $11, 223.64 - give or take. And that's not including all the time and effort we've spent up at the laundry mat. Although we did meet some interesting people. And we did get to catch up on our 'Car and Driver' reading from 1992.

The point is, it's fixed and if any of you out there ever have dryer issues, call an electrician first.

Last night we decided to go putt putt golfing (or miniture golfing depending on where you live). It was hot as heck here, but luckily we have a place with indoor golf. So we went, and it was fun, and it just happened to be at the place where they have THIS. And ya'll know I got on it. OH YES I DID! And I made it three rounds before deciding it would be better for everyone around if I got off. Even though they were all chanting my name. (oh wait, that was only in my mind)
Back to the golf... I whipped my kids! Cause in this family, we don't let kids win!! So, it was a nice productive night.

Yesterday afternoon my dad was here and I took him up to look at the building I've been looking at for the last couple of months. I think it may happen. I think I'm going to do it. I think I'm going to take a chance.

This weekend we have nothing planned except for making tons of trips to Mc Donalds to get nasty food and dollar movies. Do you have THESE ? If you do, use them! You can even go online to see if the movie you want is available before you make the trip. Why can't I think of things like this?

So basically what we have here is a boring weekend full of indigestion, movie watching and drying clothes!

I know you're jealous! Don't hate.