August 30, 2007

America's Cheapest Family

I read an online article about THIS FAMILY today and found their website. I am in awe of them. About as much as I am in awe with the Amish. (I love the Amish!) I would love to be this frugal and I think it would almost be fun. I always try to do the coupon thing, but I get bored easily. I really should try harder. Maybe they'll inspire me to do better.

This morning I was up and out of the house by 8:00. I didn't get much sleep because my lovely doggie (who by the way is FOR SURE back to 100% now) decided at about 3am that she'd like to go outside and just walk around, sniff a little here and there and enjoy herself out in the yard. UGH! Of course after I got back to bed I couldn't get to sleep and it took me until about 5:00 to do so. Then, at 5:45 my neighbor let her dog out, and the only thing that dog likes to do that early in the morning is BARK. So, I did what any nice neighbor would do, I turned my fan on to try and tune it out. I got back to sleep for a little bit, but my alarm rang at 6:42. I'm glad I'm only working until 3:00 today!

I found out last night that one of my daycare parents and her husband are having some problems. It sounded like they might be headed for divorce. That was sad to hear. I've been looking at their little one today and feeling so sorry for him. He's so young, he has no idea what's going on and I don't know whether that's good or bad. I mean if they split up now, at least it wouldn't be a big shock to him later down the line. I just want to hug him today!

I had T1 write an essay yesterday about why he was excited to be starting school again. I was happy to read his outlook on the upcoming year. He said he's looking forward to Math and History the most, and learning about the Presidents and what they accomplished while in office. WOW! I didn't know he was so interested in the Presidents. Watch out Obama!