August 27, 2007

Say "No" to Weed... "Yes" to School!

I either woke up sneezing 56 times in a row with watery tears running down my face because I have an end of the summer cold... or it's a nasty case of allergies. I haven't had this much trouble with allergies this year, so I figured it was a cold. But then I check The Weather Channel and found out the weed pollen count in our area is extremely high. Either way I'm feeling pretty good now after taking a few shots of children's cold and allergy medicine. I mean, how perfect is THAT? I can't figure out if I have a cold OR allergies, I go to the cupboard and find a product that covers BOTH. Wow, what a way to start the week! And yes, I am a little high.

Today we really are starting school!! We "officially" started on August 17. We "reviewed" last week. We will be doing more "reviewing" this week. We are waiting on our curriculum to get here.

That is my story and I'm sticking to it...