August 13, 2007

Did I Mention "Nerve Racking"?

I think I did. In the post below I mentioned waiting on God is sometimes "time consuming" and "nerve racking"... yeah. I had a daycare mom come in today and ask about the building I was looking at. I told her which one it was and she told me about the leaky roof and mold and how two people who had leased it prior had had problems. Oiy! I'm so glad she told me, but that puts a damper on things. I'm not getting into anything leaking or moldy!! I thought it was odd when the guy told me that after we signed the lease and he showed me that the pipes were ok and that air conditioner worked that I'd be responsible for everything else while under the lease. I wondered about that. I questioned it. But I thought he was being too nice to "hide" anything, now I'm not sure. On an upside, this same daycare mom wants me to watch her new baby starting next month, so maybe that's a sign to stay where I'm at? Maybe I'll just get a sign for my yard and see what happens. I live in a nice neighborhood and my street is pretty busy... we'll see.

My weekend went too fast. Saturday I had to go get my new Sam's Club card. The picture is absolutely horrible but whatever, it's Sam's Club. I picked up some things... important things like a HUGE box of Yogos, tons of Laffy Taffy and huge pretzels in a plastic barrel. You know, all the necessities. Sunday we went to my parents and went to church. That's about as exciting as it got.

The boys are starting school on Friday. I know, Friday?? Well, we're going to the State Fair and it's Homeschooling Day, so I thought we'd start out with that. Our schools here start tomorrow and although I really wanted to start the boys back after Labor Day, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be better if we were kind of on the same schedule as the public schools. So, if we start Friday we can start off with something fun and we'll only be 3 days behind. We can make those days up on Saturdays easily (educational field trips count as school time to me). Their curriculum isn't ordered yet but we have plenty of review that can be done for awhile. We're doing the dvd curriculum this year and it's suppose to be a good 3 hours of "class". Not sure how much they're going to like that, but it will be good for them. We're going "Back To School" shopping on Wednesday. Wow, the summer break went fast. It will be Christmas before we know it.

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