August 1, 2007

Haircuts, Tipping and Neighborly Love

Her mouth doesn't really look as jacked up as it does here. Chloe got to go to the groomer this morning. Now that she's home, all she wants is to be held. She's such a baby! She should be much cooler in these 90 degrees temp though. Next week it's Andy's turn.

Speaking of grooming. I have tipped my groomer in the past because well, she does a great job and I thought that you were suppose to - just like you would your hair dresser. (Is that an old term? "hair dresser"?) Anyway, I went online today to see about tipping your groomer and I found in a couple of places that if the groomer owns her own salon (which mine does) that it's not required to tip because she's getting all the money. So I didn't tip. But then I felt bad. I hate the whole tipping thing!! I'm a good tipper at restaurants, because I know that most waitstaff do not get much as far as an hourly wage, however, if they give lousy service, they get a lousy tip... you get what you're worth. Well, on Sunday after we got home from our trip, I didn't feel like cooking (big shock!) so the boys and I got Applebees carside to go. I didn't tip the person who brought our food out. I have in the past, but as I was sitting there and sitting there and sitting there waiting, I was tossing it back and forth in my mind and I thought "they're only walking the food out to me" if they had a pick up inside, I'd go in. It's not my fault I have to wait out in my car. But then it bugged me all the way home and so then I went online to a "Moms" group and asked and they all said that they would all tip for this service. I have one thing to say... We Americans:

1. Have gotten lazy
2. Expect to get paid above and beyond for EVERYTHING!
(ok, I guess that was two things)

You want a tip, here's your tip... do something nice for someone JUST BECAUSE!

For example... my next door neighbor who is probably in her 60's, fed our stray cat (even took a box and towels from her house and made a little bed for her to sleep in), got our mail and picked up our two daily papers while we were gone for 3 days. All this just days after her husband has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. I took a card with money in it over to her yesterday to say "Thank You" and when she opened it, she took the money, handed it out towards me and said "OH NO!! You take this back, I don't want your money!" I tried to step back, argue with her to take it, and even told her I could run faster than her, but she kept pushing it back at me and said "NOPE, this is what neighbors do for each other!!"

It was so refreshing!! Now if we had a neighbor in their 20's, I'm sure the amount I put in the card wouldn't have been enough. Oiy! The trouble with life today.