August 26, 2007

He Didn't Turn Water Into Wine, But Close!

Wow! Miracles are miracles and I don't care if they're "small".

We had Communion at my parent's church this morning. The church is small in numbers, but HUGE in faith. There were 21 people people there. At the end of the service, my father had everyone come up and stand together for Communion. When my dad took off the top of the tray that held the little cups of grape juice, it looked empty. I looked at my mom, she looked at me, we both looked at the tray and looked around. There was not enough.

The lady who had set it up started looking around counting to herself. She was standing across from us and whispered to my mom there wasn't enough and she'd be back. She left to get more cups and juice.

In the meantime, we took the bread, and my father went ahead with what was happening. He took the "wine" tray and starting passing it. He got back around to the end and there were two cups left. One for him and one for the lady who had left to get more juice.

Those who knew what was going on looked in amazement. The lady came back with the juice and my dad held out the tray for her to take the last cup.

She said... "Pastor, I only poured 16 cups!!"