August 7, 2007

God's Plan?

If I've learned anything over the last few years, it's that we should want what God wants for our lives. Things are just so much easier that way!

Asking for God's direction and getting a full answer is sometimes time consuming and to be perfectly honest - nerve racking!

The building that I looked at to move my daycare to is still for rent. When I first started looking at it I started praying for God's direction. I knew that the only way I could make up my mind would be if God would give me a sign.

Many months have gone by since I first looked at the building and I really thought I'd just focus on getting one more family and be happy with the little crew I have here at home. (Can we say "safety net"?)

Well, for the last few days (for some reason), I have been thinking more about this building. I got a call from the owner yesterday but I wasn't home. When I got the message, it was too late to call him back. He really didn't say what he wanted, but just to give him a call. I honestly thought he was probably going to tell me someone else wanted the building and that would have been fine with me.

He called again today and I must have been calling out when his call came in because I didn't hear the phone ring but he left a message in my voicemail. His voice seemed to have more urgency and excitement in it, so I made sure to call him right away.

He starts out asking me if I'm still interested in the building or if I had decided against it. I told him that I had actually been thinking more about it in the last few days. He said he wanted to know what was holding me back. I said "Well, honestly... money." He said he was happy to hear that and I thought that was odd. But then he started saying that he figured that was the case and that he had been thinking and he really wants me to have that building and that he is more than willing to bring the lease way down, give me time to pay on the deposit and work up to the original rent figure within a 2 year period. 2 YEARS!! He wants to give me 2 years to get built up and pay the original asking lease price. I was just floored!!

I knew that I needed to tell him that I'd been praying about it, so I did and he seemed happy to hear that. He told me he knew I'd take good care of the place and that he thought I could do really well there.

Then we talked a little about how much I wanted to get the daycare out of my house and how it would be better for my family and how being right in town would give me a bigger opportunity for clients, etc. Then he told me to take some time, think about it and call him, then we'd sit down and figure out a lease together.

So what am I thinking now? Maybe it's God's plan? Maybe I should take a leap of faith? Maybe this is where I get to prove myself? Maybe this is my opportunity to witness to my town? If I claim I'm a Christian and consider my daycare a "Christian" daycare I'd have to walk the walk!! Can we say "accountability"?!

So many things to think about...