August 29, 2007

Head Banging

Ugh! I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall with some of my daycare parents. I send home reminder after reminder, I talk to them in person, remind them again of my policies and yet for some reason, after a year of having ALL the same kids and parents, and all the same policies, I'm STILL sending notes home, having little talks at pick-up, etc... IT'S NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE!!!! My dream is to get to the point where I have a long waiting list so that I can just open my front door and shove some of these people out! If you don't want to go by my policies fine, but ya can't stay here.

Other than that, things are good around here. I've decided on a curriculum for the boys and I think it's going to be perfect for them and me. And ohmygosh, it's SO much cheaper than the one I was going to get. I spent about an hour looking through the curriculum online and it went into great detail about what each subject would cover, it was ALL great and ALL very age appropriate. Thanks, but my 10 year old really doesn't need to get into algebra yet. (That's a Academic Standard on the Indiana Schools website and it cracks me up because Indiana Public Schools have HORRIBLE SAT scores and aren't ranking up there academically at all!) I'll take my chances and teach my kids at the level I think they're capable of.

I applied for a credit card yesterday. I got it, but only got a $500 limit. Oh well, that will be ok because I want it to help my credit (not that I need it - but eventually in the next couple years, I'd like to start thinking about buying a house and this will help my credit look better). I haven't had any type of credit card for over 10 years. It will also be nice to take to Florida - just in case we want to splurge a little.

My baby Chloe seems to be doing a lot better today. She jumped out of her cage this morning and ran down two sets of stairs, so I'd say she's 99% improved from yesterday! I'm still going to look up symptoms of dog poisoning. I sure hope that's not what happened and if so, I sure hope I don't meet up with the person who would do a thing like that.

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Old Fashioned Girl said...

Hope your dog's back at 100% tomorrow :)