June 30, 2007

Wild Ride!

T2 had a great time at VBS. I bet you can't guess the theme... Avalanche Ranch. I'm sure no matter where you live in the U.S., you've seen the signs. We bought the cd and I understand why everyone loves "Wild Ride!" so much, it's really quite catchy. I found myself listening to it on the way to the bank this morning. The little white boy has got moves!

June 28, 2007

There's Always Some Bad To Go With The Good

I have a friend, and her husband has been gone for a long time. He's back now, but he's questioning their marriage. They have a baby together and he's absolutely in love with her, but not his wife. As a matter of fact, he's thinking about his ex wife a lot lately and he seems to still be in love with her. The problem with that is, his ex wife is remarried... to a very prominent person. Said friend is also looking at some possible jail time in the near future and isn't sure what she'll do with her daughter as it may possibly be an extended sentence.

I have another friend who is recently divorced, just lost a baby, and is pregnant again, only by someone else. Her divorce is going to be extremely messy and she's already having some complications with this pregnancy. Her soon to be ex husband has found out about the pregnancy and is demanding a paternity test after the baby is born. If by chance the baby is his, he's going to take her to court for full custody. She also just found out her mother is cheating on her father, and her brother is the husband of the girl mentioned above who wants his ex wife back.

Another friend of mine just separated from her husband. She found lots of p*rn on their computer and a n*ked picture of one of his girl friends on his cell phone. Her mom just died recently and her dad's started drinking again.

Geesh, sounds like a soap opera, doesn't it?!

June 27, 2007

Humpable Humpday and IBS

I thought I'd join in today, along with other bloggers who post a "humpable humpday" pic. Here's mine:

He's finally back on Y&R and looking mighty fine!

In unrelated news... I can't get over people and I can't get over how they must think that I am just the dumbest person around because I don't have a "real" job.

To make a long story short, I had asked a part-time daycare mom last Friday if her kids were coming yesterday because I had a former client who wanted to bring her 2 kids yesterday and today.(She got called in for jury duty.) The daycare mom said she had the day off and her kids wouldn't be coming so I took the other kids. That should have been the end of it. Oh no, not so. Guess who showed up yesterday afternoon, came in and looked around and then said "Oh, so the new kids ARE here".

I'm just wondering: a. How big do your b*lls have to be to do something like that?, b. Does she think I'm a liar?, and c. Why was it any of her business?

It's MY home, MY daycare and MY business who I have here!

Seriously... I do NOT get paid enough to put up with this stuff!

Yesterday afternoon I went around town and put up fliers for my new endeavor. Then I went through DQ and got a KitKat Blizzard (cause after the whole "checking up" incident, I deserved it!). Then I went home and watched some tv, decided I was still a little hungry and ate some Lays chips. And then... I was sick as a dog. I went to bed around 6:00pm and didn't get up until almost 9:00am.

I was boggled as to why I was so sick and in relaying the details of what I had eaten up to the point of getting sick to my mom, she laughed out loud and said "Tonja, what do you expect!"

I keep forgetting my age and how eating ice cream and potato chips can make for one sick evening. But, trust me, I will not forget that for awhile!

The odd thing is, this happened last Thursday too. I was fine and then all of a sudden, SICK! Like IneedtolaydownNOW, sick! (Or rather IneedtogettothebathroomNOW, sick... but I didn't think you'd want to hear about that!) Anyhoo... does anyone know anything about IBS? I thought that was something old people got. I can't be old enough to have IBS!! Can I?

Hmm, must be the job! Has to be the job!

June 25, 2007

Army Wives and My Weekend

Have I mentioned that this is my new favorite show? Well, it is and although I'm not a tv junky and I do not plan my life around television (well, not since Friends), I do make sure my calendar is clear each Sunday night at 10pm.

I wasn't sure if I would like this Lifetime show or not, but decided to give it a try the first night it premiered. 10 minutes into it, I was hooked.

It almost makes me want to go find myself a soldier. But not quite. I'm not sure I could handle military life, but I sure respect the heck out of the men and women who do!

Anyway, my weekend did not consist of going to McDonald's and renting dollar movie after dollar movie. Oh no, it was much more expensive than that. We ended up ordering pizza Friday night to the nice tune of $30. Cause you can't get just pizza anymore, you have to add mozzarella sticks and chicken wings. Then we rented a movie at our video store, which was 3 times the price (sounds like a lot when you put it that way, huh!). Then I did something I should NEVER ever ever ever do... I stayed up past 10:00. I think I finally passed out at around 1:30/2:00 and even though we don't even HAVE alcohol anywhere in the house, I felt like I had a hangover the next morning.

Saturday is pretty much a blur. A lot of laying around watching reruns of this season's "My Life On The D-List" which then caused overtired crying (Cause her dad died. And THAT WAS SAD PEOPLE!!).

Then came the trip to Muncie. That meant packing up the house and the dogs and heading out in the pouring rain to drive down the anxiety inducing expressway. In the RAIN!

We got there around 7:30pm, dropped the dogs and the youngest off, and T1 and I went to find me a new pair of shoes. Because if I get out of the house and plan on actually going somewhere where my Adidas flip flops may not be appropriate, I get new shoes. Oh, and earrings... because you can never have too many earrings.

After that we made two trips to Burger King because the first one said they only had one Whooper left because their broiler had broken down earlier that day but then made sure to mention that they had lots of Whooper Jrs and Chicken sandwiches. Now I'm not the sharpest pencil in the pencil box, but even in my "didn't get enough sleep" condition, that raised red flags for me. Let's see, the boiler broke down earlier that afternoon, it was now around 9:00 PM and you're trying to give me what's left from earlier in the day? Did they THINK I needed food poisoning on top of my need for sleep? So we left and went to the other BK on the other side of town. They didn't mention anything about a broken down broiler so I'm assuming everything was fresh?

From there we went back to my parent's house of which I now refer to as "The Kingdom of No Sleep." There we ate our BK and prayed everything was less than 2 hours old. After that, I sat in my car and talked on the phone until well after 11 pm. Then I made the mistake of thinking that I'd go in and get some sleep.

And because I'm STILL not caught up on my sleep (it will take months ya'll) I'm going to rush through this last part... try to keep up.

It's 1:00 am, we go back to the guest bedroom to sleep. My oldest looks over at the dresser my mom had just recently gotten out of storage (where it had been sitting for 4 years) and said "Mom, is that white stuff mold?"

Out to the living room.

2:30ish - finally fall asleep.

3:30 - my dad comes out. He can't sleep in his bed and his leg is hurting. He heads for the recliner and asks if it's ok to turn on the tv.

3:45 - the tv is on, but the sound is muted. All I hear is snoring. Loud snoring.

I can't sleep, I'm getting antsy, I'm already too tired and I'm desperately thinking of anywhere else to go to try and sleep. T1 wakes up and he can't sleep.

T1 and I end up in the car. Seriously. In the car. He gets in the very back and I'm in the drivers seat.

(I should also mention I have a horrible stomach ache during this whole nightmare of a night.)

I sit there until the sun comes out and decide to go back inside. It's around 6 am at this point and T2 (who's been sound asleep on the couch all. night. long.) sits up and says in a bright cheerful voice "Hi mom!"

I tell him to go back to sleep and head for the bedroom to pack our stuff. (Yes, at 6 am, I was packing up 3 suitcases, bedding and the 2 dogs.)

We left at 6:45 and I was home in my own bed sleeping by 8:30 am.

I do not remember how we got home and honestly, I don't remember much about the weekend. All I know is that some things in life never change and the fact that I am one of those people who HAVE to have their sleep... is one of them!

June 23, 2007

I'm Guess I'm Not A Nerd

I am nerdier than 2% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

And I don't despise them! Maybe they despise me because I don't know all the abbreviations (or symbols) of the periodic table of elements? Whatever. I make grocery lists, that's about as far as it goes.

June 22, 2007

Give Me A Clothes Line Already

I'm not sure if our Neighborhood Association would allow it or not, but I'm ready to put myself a clothes line up in the back yard. OH what am I worried about, if they let the lady down the street keep up her USA lights (aka - red, white and blue CHRISTMAS lights) all year long, what are they going to do about some clothes blowing around? NA's are picky though... fortunately, I'm not sure if ours is even still around but I'm sure glad we're not going through THIS. Although I understand their pain... we have a family two doors down with an inground pool and they blare their radio which is ok, except for: 1. They leave it on when they're not home, and 2. They leave it on Spanish radio. What's the spanish word for Umbrella?? You know... under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh... (anyone else think that song is as about annoying as THIS song?!)

Anyhoo... have I mentioned our dryer issues? We've seriously gone through 4 dryers in 4 years. This week alone, we've had 2 new dryers. Finally yesterday we decided we may need to call an electrician. Yeah, there was something wrong in the breaker box. GO FIGURE. It cost $75 to fix. Meanwhile, I'm not even going to add up what we've paid for the 12 new dryers we've had. Ok, if you really want a total, it's $11, 223.64 - give or take. And that's not including all the time and effort we've spent up at the laundry mat. Although we did meet some interesting people. And we did get to catch up on our 'Car and Driver' reading from 1992.

The point is, it's fixed and if any of you out there ever have dryer issues, call an electrician first.

Last night we decided to go putt putt golfing (or miniture golfing depending on where you live). It was hot as heck here, but luckily we have a place with indoor golf. So we went, and it was fun, and it just happened to be at the place where they have THIS. And ya'll know I got on it. OH YES I DID! And I made it three rounds before deciding it would be better for everyone around if I got off. Even though they were all chanting my name. (oh wait, that was only in my mind)
Back to the golf... I whipped my kids! Cause in this family, we don't let kids win!! So, it was a nice productive night.

Yesterday afternoon my dad was here and I took him up to look at the building I've been looking at for the last couple of months. I think it may happen. I think I'm going to do it. I think I'm going to take a chance.

This weekend we have nothing planned except for making tons of trips to Mc Donalds to get nasty food and dollar movies. Do you have THESE ? If you do, use them! You can even go online to see if the movie you want is available before you make the trip. Why can't I think of things like this?

So basically what we have here is a boring weekend full of indigestion, movie watching and drying clothes!

I know you're jealous! Don't hate.

June 19, 2007

I'm Trying, I Promise

As much as I like to think I'm perfect, deep down I know I'm not. (kidding!) Anyhoo, I'm really trying to open up to new things and I'm really trying to understand why people are the way they are and not be so judgemental. I know I'm not perfect and I don't want people to judge me due to my faults, so I feel it's not nice to judge them. I have been, in the past, quite the judge. I'm trying to do better.

Then things happen and blow that all to heck.

For example, I found out yesterday that one of my aunts is married again - for the third time. Of course none of the family is suppose to know that I guess, (since she never bothered to tell us) and that makes me irritated as to why we're not good enough to know. And how was this found out you ask? Oh by another aunt and cousin who were bored yesterday and started searching people online. Gotta love the cyber world!! I just want to email her and say "HEY, Mrs. H********* how long have you been married and why wasn't I invited?" I wonder what she'd say.

Then of course there are daycare issues that really make it hard for a person to stop all the judging. Common sense people, common sense. Where did normal parenting instincts go? I thought at least mothers were still born with them. I'm not so sure anymore.

Then of course there's the whole dating thing and letmetellya, it's hard to be open to new ideas when you get guys who have some very odd ways of wanting to go about having a relationship.

And on that subject, I'll leave you with this... (and yes, you will freak)

I've been at this "dating" thing for... well, since I wasn't ever married, I guess I've been at it for about 20 years (give and take). I've been engaged a couple times, but the rings were about as far as it went. I'm not proud that I got pregnant when I was only engaged to my children's father, but I'm glad I did because if I wouldn't have, I probably would not have any children. I am determined to be married the next time I have a child, but to tell you the truth, my clock is ticking and the decent men are dwindling! So, after about 2 years of thinking this through, I have decided that if by the end of the summer, I have not met a decent man, I'm going it alone. Again.

There, I said it! And although at this very moment my mother does not understand why she just had a sharp blinding pain go through her head and the urge to move hundreds of miles away from me, I'm sure she'll feel it again when I announce: "Hey everyone, I'm having another baby and I'm STILL not married!"

PS - I should probably add here that I will not be going the *SBM route but more the **SDB route. I don't want my mom's head to totally explode.

* - Sex Before Marriage
** - Sperm Donor Bank (Eww, I know! But do you have any other suggestions?)

June 17, 2007

To Michigan And Back

We made a quick trip to Michigan yesterday to see my grandparents. My grandfather isn't doing real well and it's important to see him as much as possible now. He has Alzheimer's and although he's still able to live at home with my grandma, I can tell it's getting hard on her. We went out to Cracker Barrel to eat and he didn't understand a lot of things that were going on. My grandma was trying to help him cut up his pancakes and he was getting frustrated at her for helping him, and she starting crying, and honestly, I wanted to get up and leave. I wanted to go out in my car and cry myself. I hate having to see that, it's hard. I can only imagine how hard it is for my grandma to deal with every day. Basically, my grandpa is already gone. He's not the same person he used to be and the hardest part about that, is that to some extent he knows it. He doesn't remember very much and he'll tell you that. Although when I walked in their house yesterday, he knew exactly who I was. That made my day! And made the whole 7 hours spent in the car worth it. Even the part where my mom out ran a cop. While driving MY SUV.

Here we are: (I dressed nicer for the trip, but bought that shirt at Cracker Barrel and wanted to wear something more comfortable for the ride home.)

My aunt and cousin came over too. It was great to see my over 6ft tall cousin again!

My aunt and cousin:

PS - Happy Father's Day, Dad!! :o)

June 15, 2007

Bye Bye Bob

So Bob Barker is now officially retired. I watched the last half of the show this morning and was a little disappointed. I thought they'd do something bigger than just a regular show, but they didn't. I'm interested in who's going to be filling those game show host shoes.

The 34th Daytime Emmy Awards are on tonight. I hope I remember to watch it and I hope Y&R gets a few awards. This may be their last chance. The new writers stink! Their storylines have really sank to a new level of boredom. It's sad! Phillip Bell worked so hard to make it such a great daytime drama, but now it's just gone downhill so badly that I usually can't even watch all of it.

I've got an easy day today and hopefully I should be done a little early.

I think the kids and I will go to Michigan with my mom to visit my grandparents tomorrow. They were disappointed when she went up last month without us, so considering they are getting up there in years and probably won't be around too much longer, I'll go and make them happy. Plus it will be nice to see them. It's not that I don't want to see them, it's that I don't want to spend 8 hours in the car for a one day trip. That is very tiring. And Sunday we are going to be busy all day. It's Father's Day and my mom and dad's anniversary. Plus somewhere in there I need to find some time to meet the new guy I've been talking to for about a month. We were suppose to meet last weekend but he ended up working.

I have a feeling this weekend is going to go by too fast.


I should know better than to:
a. write at 1:30 pm that I will be done with work early.
b. believe parents who time and time again prove that they are irresponsible liars.

No, my one daycare child is not going to be picked up at 3:30 as I was told. OH no, he will be picked up closer to 5:00. And these people are smart smart people too. This child is sick. He's spit up twice since he's been here today and had a very nasty runny diaper. BUT, because he was the only one here, I let him stay and the mom played me like a fiddle. He needed to leave early because why should I have to take care of a sick child? That's not my job. Well, she said she'd rather him have his nap here and then his father would pick him up by 3:30. Well, unsuprisingly to me, 3:30 came and went as did 4:00 and 4:30. Finally the mom called me and let me know she was picking up but it would be closer to 5:00. And why did she need to pick up? Cause her husband went golfing and has probably had too much to drink. You know what, I'm fine with the fact that he went golfing and I'm fine with the fact that this child will be picked up at his normal time. What I'm NOT fine with is that these people played me to keep their sick child at my house all day. Oh people people people... you better hope I do not get calls from other more responsible people needing daycare!

June 14, 2007

Any Prayer Will Do

So my mom took T2 back to the allergist this morning. His numbers went up from the 65% from last week and they said he was doing 110% better. The nurse practitioner that we see (who is SO very nice!) was just at a loss for words. She said they've never seen a child do so great in just one week.

I take some of the credit for that... I mean, I was the MEAN MEAN mother who made him do those breathing treatments twice a day, and I was the MEAN MEAN woman last Friday who was in ticked off tears trying to get someone to ok his prescriptions because HELLO, it was the WEEKEND and we NEEDED those meds and WHO is the stupid idiot who would ask for a doctor's authorization on a Friday afternoon at 4:00!?! (Trust me, I'm not little miss sunshine when my children are involved, especially if it involves their health!!)

What I didn't know was that it was in his chart that if his numbers weren't significantly improved at his visit today, we were looking at a hospital stay. Hmm, that was nice to find out AFTER the fact.

Anyway, the NP was shocked and just kept telling my mom she couldn't believe how much he improved in just one week, so I asked my mom if she told her that we believed in prayer. She said she didn't, but thought about it later and should have.

The thing that is so great about this is, that even though we were praying for T2 (as many of you who are reading this did, and thank you!!!), we weren't praying as hard or often as if it were something really major because we didn't know it was. But God knew. And that just gives me such peace to know that God does know what is best and his protection is always there even when we may not know we need it!

I'm thankful we were spared that hospital stay... I'm not sure who would have been the bigger baby about it, T2 or me? Ok, ME! (Hands down!!!)

Oh, and because he's doing so great... we don't have to do the allergy shots! Yippeee!!! I really didn't want to have to do that anyway. I just never thought he was bad enough and honestly, I think he's going to outgrow a lot of this. I did.

PS - I JUST read this on yahoo news:

You may have seen ads for a supplement claiming to treat allergies and many other ailments variously called methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), crystalline DMSO, DMSO2, and "Vibrant Life." But do the claims fit the reality?

MSM is derived from the liquid solvent dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), which was a popular alternative remedy for rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions in the 1960s and 1970s. Bathing sore joints in DMSO seemed to reduce arthritic symptoms, and there is some clinical evidence for this benefit.

Both DMSO and MSM appear to be well tolerated and have few noticeable side effects. But recent evidence suggests that they may have significant toxic effects in some cells. One report, for example, showed that MSM induced abnormalities in chromosomes and toxic damage to the gametes (egg and sperm cells) of worms.

There is no clinical evidence that MSM benefits patients with asthma or allergic diseases, and this compound may in fact be unexpectedly toxic. On these grounds, there is good reason to avoid experimenting with MSM, even though it's widely available on the Web and in alternative medicine stores.

Here I am all excited about "natural alternatives" for T2's allergies and I find this. Why do things have to be so difficult? lol

June 13, 2007

All It Took Was Goggles

T2 told me yesterday that after work I needed to take him to CVS and buy him some goggles. "Why?" I asked. "So I can SWIM!" he replied.

Long story short, we went to CVS, paid way too much for goggles and when we got home it wasn't 2 minutes before he was actually swimming. I mean swimming!! No lessons, nothing... all it took was the goggles.

Hmmm, wonder what he could do with an eraser and a pile of bills?

June 12, 2007

Dating Stinks

My BFF and I are back in the dating world. It's actually hilarious because we go through this about every 6 months and yet we still have the same conversation about a month after we've "gotten back out there".

Her: Yeah, he's too nice and not good looking.
Me: Yeah, he hasn't called for 5 days now. I think it's because I wouldn't meet him at that hotel.
Her: I think he's still married.
Me: He called me by another girl's name.
Her: He suggested I pump my own gas.
Me: He suggested I have a baby for him.
Her: Why do we do this?
Me: For the laughs! You can't make this stuff up!

Move over Paris and Nicole!!!

June 11, 2007

Is It REALLY Your Business?

What exactly does Al Sharpton have to do with Paris Hilton and her jail sentence? Maybe between this and the whole "nappy headed hos" outrage he'll give himself a big huge heartattack. Hey, we can bury him next to Jerry Falwell. You know, since they're "Reverends" and all.

...Lord have mercy!

June 7, 2007

Looks Like A Pharmacy In Here!

In the words of his doctor: "T2, you're a mell of a hess!"

T2 went back to the allergist Thursday. He had a breathing test and did horrible. The doctor said if it was for a grade he would have gotten a D+. He was only at 67% and wheezing pretty bad. They did an in-office breathing treatment and he jumped up to 115%. They decided it was time for us to get a breathing machine (nebulizer). I was actually happy to hear that. I could never understand why in 10 years he had never had a breathing treatment when half my daycare kids (3 yrs and under) have. And he has been a lot worse than some of the kids I've seen that had them. The company called that night and tried to find someone to get us one right away but was going to have to have someone from the southside come way up to the northside. It was already 7:00, so I told the guy that it was not an emergency and he had just had a treatment at the office, so I didn't think it was something that couldn't wait until tomorrow. He was so happy I said that. He said he'd get us first on the list for the morning runs.

In the meantime, we had another prescription, just to get us through the night. I took it to CVS and found out that the insurance wouldn't cover any of it and the cost was $65. I couldn't justify spending that for just one use of it. If he would have needed it long term, I would have gotten it, but it was only to cover him until we got the nebulizer. Since he had just had a breathing treatment around 5:30, I figured he'd make it ok. He did fine all night so I guess it was the right decision.

Our appointment was suppose to be a 30-40 minute visit. We ended up being there for an hour and a half. We were the last ones out and the cleaning people were already there when we were leaving. We have another appointment for this Thursday. They're going to continue checking him every week until we can get these numbers under control. I hope future appointments are a little shorter and of course a little futher apart.

I can't believe I have a child with a chronic disease. And not that I would want either one of my babies to have this, but why does it have to be the one who loves being outside and running and playing? It's just not fair! And the poor child has never complained! He just goes with it. Never lets you know how horrible he's feeling or that he can't breathe, he just keeps on going with a smile on his face.

I'm still going to call our health food store and get an appointment to talk to the lady who owns it. I would like to get more information about natural alternatives. I think we'll stick to the meds for now, until things start improving, but hopefully we can eventually work on some other natural methods to open up those lungs and cut out some of the meds. I know it can be done. I did put both boys on omega 3's this week. I should probably be taking them too, but you know how us moms are... everyone else is more important.

June 3, 2007

I Am Who I Am

First off, I haven't been on here much for a couple of reasons. One being that I don't know if I like the fact that my clients/daycare parents can read all about my life. I kind of feel like whatever goes on outside of daycare, is really no one's business. However, there's nothing going on that is illegal, or immoral and the fact is, I probably lead a better life than a few of them, (if truth be told - not judging or anything) so... I have nothing to hide. I also don't like the fact that there could be other people reading all about my life/feelings/etc. People who I don't particularly want to have access to any info about me. People like: ex boyfriends, ex friends, people from my dad's last church, and especially my children's "father". But, like I said, there's not much "insider" info going on here... I am who I am. And you don't really think I would share EVERYTHING about myself now do you? Anyway, I'm over that because, like stated above, I am who I am. I am comfortable with that and if you're someone who doesn't like me, it's no loss to me anyway and it's sort of funny that you'd be spending time reading ALL ABOUT ME. But anyhoo... moving on.

Another reason I haven't been on is because I started another blog at another site. But you know what... I don't have time to keep up one blog, let alone two. I started the other blog for the main purpose of being able to feel a little more free with my posts. I will keep that blog and rant and rave about issues I can't on here. And since we're all being so honest... I also thought it would be nice to be around some new "faces" and actually, just possibly, get some comments. Well, it worked. I made some new "commenting" friends, but then I realized: 1. I don't have time for my real life friends, how can I commit to online ones? 2. I almost felt like now that I had people, nice nice people, leaving me comments, I had to make sure all my posts were april shower fresh so not to offend anyone. Basically what I'm saying here is I think I would rather use my blog as a soapbox than an online friend finder. I'm ok with that also.

Because... once again... I am who I am.