January 26, 2008

Home Show and Basketball

Yesterday I didn't have any daycare kids... so off to the Home Show we went. We left the house around 11:00am and left the Home Show around 3:00pm. We stopped at Applebees for lunch/dinner and got back home a little after 4:30. I had a headache all day and it was really bad by the time we got home so I went to bed and slept until almost 7:30pm. I got up and made the kids some snacks and sat around. Since we missed Young and the Restless, we moved the couch over in front of the computer and me, T1, T2, and my mom got comfy and watched it. It's never good to miss your soap on Friday, that's usually when all the important stuff happens. It was almost 11:00 when we got done watching that and I was tired, so we all went to bed.

Today we got up and went to T2's game. They actually did better today and got 12 points. And I'm very pleased to announce MY SON got 6 of those points! (Proud Mama Moment!) He got a silver star today for "Best Offense". And... And... they got his name right today. Yippee!

Now I'm home and catching up on laundry and it will soon be time to make dinner. I have NO idea what to have. It's hard when you have a vegetarian in the family. If it were just T2 and I , I'd open up a pack of chicken nuggets and call it a night.

Anyway... back to the Home Show... they had 2 model homes and one cottage there this year. I got some pics. (And of course I'm also throwing in some from this morning's game.)

Enjoy the pics and your weekend!