January 22, 2008

Snow Again

But not enough to let me sleep in. (One of my daycare moms is a teacher and if it snows enough they always give a 2 hour delay but no such luck today.) I could have used the sleep too. The wonderful part of being an aging woman is all the changes that happen in your 30s. UGH! I have a long list of evil PMS symptoms (which by the way, all started once I hit 30) and to add to that list I now have heart palpitations. And I know they're PMS related because I've kept track. And thank goodness I'm not the hypochondriac I use to be or I probably would have ended up in the ER a couple times by now. I read up on it and heart palps aren't dangerous however, they are scary. And they keep you up at night!! I would lay down last night and be on the verge of falling asleep and my heart would flutter or start pounding. It's a very annoying feeling! It also happens sometimes after I eat and I need to watch my caffeine intake as I'm sure that's not helping matters. But anyway... yeah, thanks to the palps I didn't sleep well at all. The joys of getting older.

Did you watch the Democrats debate it up last night? I watched most of the first half. I can't stand "Hellary" or Obama so watching them go back and forth was a delight. They're both morons but I will give props to "Hellary" who pointed out that Obama is incapable of answering questions in regards to where he stands on issues. HELLO... I think I said this over a year ago when he made an appearance on Oprah and couldn't answer a question to save his life. Sorry, gotta throw it out there, but Oprah, PLEASE... we know you like him cause he's black! Stop frontin girlfriend! Anyhoo... it was fun to watch them go after each other's spouses and work ethics. I was in Republican heaven. And did you notice when they kept showing shots from behind... Hillary's got back!! Mr. R was here and when I mentioned that he said "Well, you know Bill likes some junk in the trunk!!" which reminded us of Monica and I said "Yeah, come to think of it, she was no small thing, huh!" Baby Got Back!

My teeth are hurting today. Mr. R went and got us doughnuts and I think the sugar got into one of my cavities. That why I like Mr. R.... last night before he left he took my SUV to the gas station and filled it up and brought back Krispy Kremes so we'd have them for breakfast this morning. AND, on his way over he stopped and got me dog food. I guess I'll keep him around for awhile.

T2 got his new basketball shoes in the mail yesterday. (I guess UPS didn't take off MLK day.) He is all excited to wear them to practice tonight. It takes so little to make that kid happy.

I had a "mini" interview this morning. A father looking for daycare came over to check the place out and I sent a handbook about the daycare and the policies home with him. He called around 11:00 and wanted to come over right then, so I told him he could but that we were really busy (preschool day) and I couldn't sit down and talk. He said he just wanted to check the place out. I'm always a little leery of things like that, especially with a man, but he seemed real nice. His son is in a center now so I was telling that a home daycare is a little different, it probably didn't look like a center but I try to make the room nice for the kids. He said it looked wonderful and just as good as a center and that it was much nicer than the last home daycare he had been to. That made me feel good. I could really use a couple more kids.

Well, I am off work early today and I think I'm going to lay down and try to take a little nap. Hopefully my heart won't decide to go all crazy and I can relax a little. I hope you're having a great Tuesday!